Youth Philanthropy Initiative

What is the Youth Philanthropy Initiative?

This year, Wow: The Generosity Project is excited to offer a Youth Philanthropy Initiative at each high school in the Wood River Valley. Students will participate in this program through a designated classroom or club at their respective schools.

Each participating group will receive $5,000 to award through a grant to a Blaine County nonprofit. Under the guidance of Wow, and a teacher, students will vet grant applications, meet with finalists, and determine who receives grant reward(s). Students will come together with other participating groups to publicly present their grant awards to recipients. Grant recipients can be awarded between $500 and $5,000 in funding.

Why do this? 

Through this experience, students will identify and assess local needs and discuss effective strategies for change. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to contribute to the livelihood of our community and to gain a deeper understanding of its social and economic topography through grant-making.

THE TIMELINE: November/December 2018: Wow will put out call for grants to all local nonprofits

January 2019: Students begin to review grant applications

February 2019: Students meet with finalists (if possible, conduct site visits, going to nonprofits “home bases” or location of proposed grant)

March 2019: Students determine grant recipients

April 2019: Grant funds distributed by students at awards ceremony