This guide is designed to help you successfully complete your Wow Grant Project; with particular attention given to projects that require volunteers or community action and events. Before you reach out to people who might help you with your project, you should have a fairly firm idea of what you want them to do to help fulfill your goals. Remember: A key element to an effective project is planning.

Define your project goal and what you hope to achieve. Try to avoid assumptions, like “This is a great idea, so I know people will jump on board!” People usually need convincing before they commit their time and energy to something. You can strengthen your planning by brainstorming ways to overcome people’s skepticism of your project.

Consider these questions:
What is the focus of your project?
How will your project have an immediate visible impact in Blaine County?
How will you measure progress?
What will this person add to your project?

A word of advice about recruiting volunteers: Try to recruit at least 10% more people than you think you’ll need to account for no shows and dropouts…

Adapted from: “Do It Yourself Projects: The Nuts and Bolts for Project Organizers.” Create The Good; AARP, 2017. 18 September, 2017.