Wood River Valley teachers are an integral part of the student generosity experience. Teachers introduce the concept of generosity to their classes, guide students to choose a project, and lead them through activities and reflection that will deepen students' classroom and generosity experiences.

In the 2015-2016 school year, through partnerships with Wow, Wood River Valley teachers helped inspire their students to participate in over 5,000 hours of community service, and therefore, empowered local students to make a positive impact on their community, helping them understand how essential nonprofits are to our thriving community. Wow couldn't do its work without the collaboration and enthusiasm of the teachers of the Wood River Valley.

  • View selection process and projects online

    Selection Process link
    Project List link – You can explore the individual projects by clicking on the project name.

  • Explain Wow to your students

    Explain what Wow: The Generosity Project is all about, and help educate them about being generous and giving back to their community.
    Resources: Link to a 4 minute video to show your students how it works.

  • Talk with the students about the projects

    Contact Wow if you would like assistance.

  • Confirm your classroom's project selection

    There is a link on the project detail page which allows you to communicate your selection with us.

  • Contact the nonprofit

    Once you have confirmed your selection with us we will notify the nonprofit of your selection.
    Please make contact with the non-profit and arrange for a visit with or a field trip to the non-profit.

  • Take lots of pictures and videos!

    Share them on your class page on wow-students.org and share them on Wow’s Facebook page.
    We will send you links with your project confirmation.

  • Ask your students to have a conversation with their parents

    Ask your students to have a conversation with their parents or guardians about the project and nonprofit they chose and about generosity.

  • The big check presentation

    Coordinate a time and date to present the big Wow check to the nonprofit when the project is complete.
    Contact us and we will bring the check for a special presentation.

  • Student reflection

    We require that all students engage in some sort of formal reflection. We will provide suggestions or you can create your own activity to enhance the generosity experience.