How to Select Your Wow Project

You can select one of our pre-designed projects or work with one of our facilitators to design your own.
Follow the steps below to begin your classroom’s Wow experience…

Spend some time reading through the project options and examples that are listed under Projects 2017/18 (you can also click the Project Selection button to the right). As you look at the projects, think about what might connect with your curriculum, your students’ interests, and grade level or subject matter.

Please also use the Project Planning Sheet in our Teacher Resource section to help guide you through the selection process.

Consider how you will select your Wow Project. Will you engage your students in the process, or does a project jump out at you right away? In the past, teachers have:

  • selected the project for students
  • presented students with a handful of projects from which to choose
  • asked students to review all the project offerings, research local nonprofits, and local needs and present to their classmates (in writing or orally) which project they feel the class should complete and why. The teacher then guides the class to a consensus
Once you’ve identified what project your class will complete, click on the Project Selection button to the right, or choose 2017/18 projects in the Projects drop down menu.

Click on your preferred project for details and formally sign up by clicking the blue, “I want to select this project for my class” button (this is required for sign up to be complete).

Once you have signed up for your project through our website, you will receive a confirmation email from Wow that also includes the nonprofit champion.

It is up to you to coordinate dates and times with the nonprofit that work best for both parties. Please keep Wow abreast of your plans so that we can join you in the field. We find it’s easiest to just cc us on your emails with the nonprofit.

Once you have followed all of the steps above, you are all set to experience the joy of generosity right alongside your students.

Please remember, we request teachers introduce the concept of generosity before going into the field with their students; this includes a classroom visit from our tem. We also ask that you engage your students in a reflection after the project is complete. We have found that both the introduction and the reflection are critical components to helping students fully understand their impact on our community and the importance of generosity.

For resources and activities to both introduce and reflect upon generosity, see our Teacher Resource file in the For Educators section of the website.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions along the way!!