Project selection process for teachers, classrooms. and students

The first step in the process is to determine how the project will be selected. In the past, some teachers have::

  • The teacher selects the project for the classroom to support.
  • The teacher selects three or four projects and the students select the one they prefer.
  • Groups of students interview the nonprofit’s project champion. Each group makes a presentation to the entire class. The class then chooses the project they want to support based on the persuasive skills of each group..

We encourage you to be creative and include students in the selection process in whatever way is developmentally appropriate for your curriculum.

Once you have determined the selection method, please proceed to Step 2.

The button to the right will take you to a list of the projects submitted by the nonprofits. If there is a red circle to the right of the project, it is no longer available. You can sort the projects by clicking on the column heading. The detail page for each project can be seen by clicking on the project title.

Once the students have selected the project they want to support, please click on the “Select this Project” button and fill out the email form.

We will confirm your selection via email. The nonprofit’s champion will also be copied on that response. You may contact the nonprofit champion directly to learn more about the project, but please make your selection via the Project Selection button.

We encourage you and your class to alter the suggested projects to best fit into your curriculum and teaching methods. We are here to help you figure out how. Please reach out if you would like help identifying Common Core Standards or creating stronger curriculum links between your class content and your WOW project.

If you want to create your own project, we encourage you to do so. Please contact us so we can connect you with the appropriate nonprofit to sponsor your effort.

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Congratulations! Your students’ journey to learn the joy of generosity has begun. Please continue to Step 3.
Each class will work with the nonprofit to see their selected project through to conclusion. How that is accomplished is up to the teacher and nonprofit champion.

Please document every phase of the students’ journey. We will be sending you a link to upload your documentation to your classroom’s webpage on Documentation could include:

  • Pictures, videos or scans of students’ classroom work pertaining the project.
  • Pictures and videos of field trips or other out of classroom experiences.

Please keep us abreast of any scheduled activities in or out of the classroom so we can attend.

We are here to assist you and your students. Should you need anything to accomplish your work please contact us.

On to Step Four.
When the project has been completed your class will have the opportunity to celebrate its journey. The class will present a “big check” to the nonprofit as the culmination of their efforts.

As we reflect back on the first three year’s of wow-students it is clear that we have overlooked a significant portion of our mission – student reflection.

Begining this year we are going to ask each group of students to spend a few moments, after the check presentation, to reflect back on their experience. This reflection can take the form of narratives, images, videos, or anything else.

The results of this reflection are to be given to us for our and nonprofits use in telling the story of the joy and impact of strucent’s experiences with generosity.

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