We believe that providing students with the time for structured reflection about their Wow Project, enables them to further understand both the importance of generosity and the impact of their work on our community. You can engage your class in reflection in any way that you see appropriate for your students. Check out our suggestions below if you are looking for ideas and activities to use with your students. And, don’t forget to share your students’ reflections with us! We love to know how their work with Wow has impacted them.

Partner Interviews:
Have your students pair up and interview each other about their project. You can either have them design their own interview questions, or give them questions to follow.

Talk Show Simulation
Have your students create a mock talk show. Give one student the job of hosting the show (you can have a few students take on this roll and take turns hosting) and another 4 students who are guests on the show as experts. Together with the host, the audience interviews the experts about their Wow Project, generosity, and the community needs of the Wood River Valley.