Fire Restoration Seed Collection and Planting

Sponsored by:

Wood River Land Trust

Project Champion:

Daphne Muehle

What are the appropriate grade levels:

3 thorugh 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

100 students

Is there an opportunity for community service:


Is this a new or existing project:




It is a sad and scary event to see our landscape burn and hear about the resulting mudslides. As you drive up and down the Wood River Valley you can see the scars left from the Beaver Creek fire, and you may wonder what you can do to help restore nature to its grandeur. The good news is that there is something you can do to help.


In partnership with Wood River Land Trust (WRLT), Idaho State Fish & Game (F&G), National Forest Service (NFS) and Idaho Conservation League (ICL), you can help collect seed from local sagebrush plants. These seeds will be used in two ways to help restore our backyard:

  1. Seeds will be distributed by air so that native sage will take root and grow next spring; and
  2. Seeds will be sent to a nursery and after germinating will be planted in needed restoration areas.

In order to collect the sagebrush seed, we will be visiting Sheep Bridge Preserve, a Wood River Land Trust protected property now owned and managed by the Bureau of Land Management. We?ll be doing this on October 30, 2013 and if nature allows we may be able to add November dates. It is important that we collect local, native seed for the restoration efforts as sagebrush has many species and subspecies. Keeping plants local and native promotes healthy habitats for the animal species that call our area home.

(If you can?t participate in the seed collection, please read part two for another restoration opportunity.)


Now that we have collected seed, we need to plant the seedlings. In spring 2014, the funds you donate to Wood River Land Trust will go to buy sagebrush seedlings for the National Forest Service and its restoration efforts. Each student will help us plant these seedlings in the Beaver Creek fire restoration area. This is an opportunity to learn about fire restoration and the importance of sagebrush.

The exact timing and location of the planting is to be determined and will be coordinated with the Forest Service’s goals for the area.

Taking part in either of these restoration activities is giving back to our community and to nature. Each student can visit the fire area and watch as the sagebrush takes hold again and grows anew. They will know that they did their part in helping our landscape recover, providing important habitat for animals and places to recreate for humans.

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