Read ‘Em and Eat Book Club

Sponsored by:

The Community Library

Project Champion:

DeAnn Campbell

What are the appropriate grade levels:

7 through 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

1 class

Is there an opportunity for community service:


Is this a new or existing project:


Estimated project cost:




In keeping with our mission of “bringing information, ideas, and individuals together to enhance the cultural life of the community” the Community Library will be hosting a Young Adult “Read ‘Em and Eat” Book Club. Designed to bring teens together, the Read ‘Em and Eat Book Club will read a Young Adult book selection and then meet to discuss the book and eat. Food will be provided at these events. The Library would like to offer a sampling of food that is in line with the theme, culture, or plot of the chosen book selection. We are looking for funding to provide food in conjunction with our book club. Better yet, we’d love a class to provide the catering of a select menu to these events. For example, our first selection is “Karma” a book that takes place in India. We’d love to also sample some Indian food (curry, rice, naan) in conjunction with this book discussion. We plan to offer one Read ‘Em and Eat Book Club every month beginning December 2013 – June 2014. This offering may continue beyond these dates based on participation and success, but we?d like initial funding or catering for this time frame. The book club is free of charge and open to all teens (ages 12-20) who would like to participate.

We hope that a class of student’s might be willing and able to fund this project and also to provide catering for these events. This would include learning enough about the chosen book selection to come up with a tie-in menu. The students would then plan, budget, shop for, and prepare the chosen accompanying dishes and serve them to our participating book club members. We hope that student?s would learn and implement elements of menu planning, shopping, budgeting, and preparing and serving food. Student will also be involved in promoting and marketing the book club to other local teens.

This project serves a local, nonprofit organization, and project hours may be counted as community service. Promotion efforts are estimated at about 5 hours. Menu planning and food preparation is estimated at 3-6 hours per book club meeting. We hope to have one meeting per month December – May.

We are seeking student involvement from high school students or classes with an interest in food, cooking, and catering. We can accommodate a panel of students or a class of about 15-25 students at the maximum. We can also work with a much smaller number of students if they are committed to the project.

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