Celebrate their 5k accomplishments

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Girls on the Run

Project Champion:

Mary Fauth

What are the appropriate grade levels:

K through 12

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We strive to inspire girls to be healthy, joyful and confident creating a life time appreciation for physical activity and self-respect. Part of the path to achieving this is training for and accomplishing a 5k race goal, and helping them know what a special accomplishment that is! In November and May each year we have approximately 80 girls coming together to complete their race goal. We would like to celebrate that goal by giving the girls a memorable gift, or providing a fun celebratory activity as a part of their experience. Students of all ages can assist in providing this, either by helping to create a gift such as a hand made picture frame to remember the special day, or attending our Healthy Living Expo in May and leading a fun activity or game.

Younger students can create a gift that will be a lasting memento of the Girls on the Run participant?s involvement, using their own creatively to inspire other students. They can then visit their school?s Girls on the Run group in their final gathering to give the gifts they so generously made.

While older students can also use their creativity to make and deliver a memorable gift, they could alternatively attend one of our 5k events and provide an activity that will enhance the 5k experiences. For example, students could help race attendees create a healthy snack/craft, or develop and implement a scavenger hunt.

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