Sponsored by:

Trout Unlimited

Project Champion:

Chad Chorney

What are the appropriate grade levels:

4 through 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

2 classes

Is there an opportunity for community service:


Is this a new or existing project:


Estimated project cost:




Trout Unlimited?s Adopt-a-Trout program takes students out of the classroom and on to the river, getting their hands dirty and learning about why healthy rivers are important to fish, wildlife, and residents of the Wood River valley. TU seeks to engage students in real-world science and build the next generation of conservationists. In the Adopt-a-Trout program, students learn about fish biology, river ecology, riparian habitat, entomology, and water quality, by performing actual research on local waters. The Adopt-a-Trout program will address habitat and water issues facing the rivers within the Wood River valley, and combine that with an instructional component to educate local elementary students. This will ensure that the valley will continue to have the stewards necessary to protect and improve on the work that is currently underway to preserve local fisheries and waters.

Trout Unlimited wants students to be outdoors, in the field, and subjected to learning methods outside the classroom. TU wants students to experience the fascination and joy of touching fish, seeing aquatic insects, and planting willows. Students will get dirty and get wet! They will have fun while learning in an amazing setting – the rivers and streams of the Wood River valley. The project will illustrate to students how important local waters are to Blaine County (recreationally, socially, and economically), and will be explained by a diverse group of people – biologists, anglers, farmers, landowners, outfitters.

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Classrooms who have adopted this project

Wood River High School
Advisory Period
Erika Greenberg
26 students