Green Home Video Project

Sponsored by:

Environmental Resource Center

Project Champion:

Molly! Goodyear

What are the appropriate grade levels:

K through 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:


Is there an opportunity for community service:


Is this a new or existing project:


Estimated project cost:




The students will help the ERC redesign of our website not only by their financial contribution but through the creation of short video clips they create showing our community how to make green changes at home, in business, and at events. These video clips will run on our website throughout the year. Once our website is launched, we will change out one video a month to keep our website current, interactive, and interesting for visitors.

The Environmental Resource Center is constantly improving our capability to meet the environmental education needs of our community. We provide workshops, school lessons, organize environmental action and connect our community with pertinent environmental information. In short, we are a resource center! We have the need to re-design the content and look of our website in order to make it easier for our community to connect to environmental information and resources. The website is a key component to the 21st Century resource center replacing the library collections the ERC hosted just a few years ago. One main component of the website will be our Green Community Initiative. This initiative will help our community make sustainable choices at home, work, and events. It is a three tiered educational plan where the ERC will:

  1. Personally act as a Green Consultant to hold the hand of the desired sustainable changes required for each home, business, or event interested in making small or large transformations.
  2. Provide classes, workshops, and host guest speakers on sustainability and
  3. Provide an easy to use, one stop research source on our website that will consolidate the myriad of Green Home, Green Business, and Green Event information found online and match this to the needs of the Wood River Valley.

This will also include a Green Pages listing where green professionals can advertise their services and the general population can leave customer reviews.

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