2012 – 2013 Coaching for Character (C4C)

Sponsored by:

The Advocates

Project Champion:

Travis Jones

What are the appropriate grade levels:

6 to 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:


Is there an opportunity for community service:

Yes – three to six hours.

Is this a new or existing project:

This is a new project.

Estimated project cost:




Coaching for Character (C4C) will be the initial widespread formal education program generated by The Advocates’ Engaging Men & Boys’ Project. The project is lead by The Advocates’ Engaging Men & Boys’ Community Educator, Travis Jones. Coaching for Character is the gender neutral version of an established national program called Coaching Boys into Men. Coaching for Character will focus on training coaches to address themes with athletes such as personal responsibility, respectful behavior, and healthy relationships through short weekly activities during practices.

The purpose of the program is to reduce incidents of harassment, abuse, or violence. Wood River High School and the Blaine Country Recreation District are engaged and advising on the program. Private schools and sports clubs will be included in the program over time. High school and middle school students would be asked to fund the initial implementation of Coaching for Character which is estimated to be ,500. This includes paying for staff time to implement the program which includes organizing the coaches training, completing the training, providing ongoing support, and working with the students on the community service element and 0 for 50 coaches kits which include playbooks – how to teach the program and card series – which contains 12 weekly activities on laminated cards for use at practices.

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