2012 – 2013 Student Matinees

Sponsored by:

Company of Fools

Project Champion:

Denise Simone

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Is this a new or existing project:

This is an existing project.

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Company of Fools’ student matinees have been a part of our community since 1999. They provide our students, grades K-12, an opportunity to attend an experience they won’t soon forget. Company of Fools is committed to making these matinees available and affordable for every school student. The experience includes:

  • Off-campus, professional, fully-realized theatrical production by the award-winning Company of Fools.
  • Artists of national caliber.
  • ffordable price of .00 per student and chaperone (regular student ticket prices are ).
  • Full ticket scholarships for those unable to pay.
  • Free admission for teachers and bus drivers.
  • Online study guide to help teachers prepare students for a memorable experience.
  • Q & A session with the actors following each show.

This Generosity Initiative Project is to assist Company of Fools in ensuring that student matinees are available to all students.

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