2012 – 2013 Vegy Oil Truck

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Idaho’s Bounty

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Kaz Thea

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This is a new project.

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Idaho’s Bounty would like to offer a project to older kids (middle school to high school aged students) to convert a diesel truck to the use of veggie oil. Idaho’s Bounty uses trucks to haul fresh farmer grown products to our current food markets in the Wood River Valley, the Magic Valley and the Treasure Valley. There are numerous benefits to converting diesel to use vegetable oil including fuel efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

The conversion from diesel to veggie oil use would cost around 00 for all the parts needed to complete the conversion. As for time commitment, the conversion (assuming all the parts are on hand) could be completed in around 20 hours of work depending on the truck converted, and the skill level of those involved. It may take twice as long if students are doing a lot of the labor. It would have to be overseen by a diesel mechanic who is well versed in diesel mechanics and such a conversion.

The truck that Idaho’s Bounty is currently using courtesy of USDA and WRRC&D could be purchased for about ,000 ~ ,000. The truck Idaho’s Bounty currently uses (2008 International Truck) is valued at around ,000, however this truck has proven to be in need of constant repair and upkeep and has cost Idaho’s Bounty around 10,000 in repairs this year alone and is likely not a wise investment. Rather than spending money on a truck that seems to cause more maintenance than it is worth, we would like to purchase a used but newer truck valued at – ,000 or we would have to purchase a new one valued at about ,000. Idaho’s Bounty would have to own the truck that would be converted to veggie oil.

Attached an overview of the project that the students from the Community School put together during the year when this project was first presented to the Idaho’s Bounty board of Directors.

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