2012- 2013 Butterly Garden

Sponsored by:

The Nature Conservancy in Idaho

Project Champion:

Dayna Gross

What are the appropriate grade levels:

K to 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

2– for the butterfly garden we had two classrooms and with the design charettes, site visits, and volunteer days, that is the limit.

Is there an opportunity for community service:

Yes – 3 hours

Is this a new or existing project:

This is an existing project.

Estimated project cost:




In 2012, the local 6th graders raised money to install a butterfly garden (or beneficial insect garden) at the Silver Creek Preserve. They decided on this project after touring a local farm that has been focusing on sustainable farming practices- including creating habitat for beneficial insects. Beneficial insects reduce the amount of pesticides needed, help make more resilient crops, and also pollinate our crops. The Butterfly garden at the visitor center has been a great addition to the preserve, people stop and read about the involvement of the 6th graders and the importance of these small critters in agriculture. Adding onto the work of other students would be meaningful and powerful. An interactive display, something the kids could play with and touch,focused on beneficial insects and pollinators would be a welcome addition to the garden.

Project Images

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Classrooms who have adopted this project

Wood River Middle School
6th Grade Gold Team
Claudia Gaeddert and Ginger Rierden
100 students