2012 – 2013 Give Me Shelter

Sponsored by:

The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley

Project Champion:

Brittany Farrell

What are the appropriate grade levels:

K to 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

If each class sponsored one shelter, we need up to 6

Is there an opportunity for community service:

Yes – Up to the participants

Is this a new or existing project:

This is a new project.

Estimated project cost:




The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley has adopted out over 12,000 dogs and cats since it opened 30 years ago. One of the things we are most proud of is being considered a model Shelter in our State and the high level of care and attention our animals receive.

Shade/rain shelters in the outdoor dog kennels are a vital way to keep the dogs healthy and happy in our changing mountain climate. We all know how cold it can get when you’re outside in the snow and how hot it can be during the full summer sun. While many of our outdoor dog kennels have some shelter and our staff and volunteers work very hard to keep animals rotated or inside as necessary for their health, several of the outdoor shelters are inadequate in either size or how much protection they afford the dogs from the weather. Classes are invited to sponsor new shelters by donating the funds to purchase the necessary materials (wood, nails, etc.) and have them constructed.

Project Images

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Classrooms who have adopted this project

Community School
Trent Herbst
36 students