2012 – 2013 Greenhouse for the Garden

Sponsored by:

The Hunger Coalition

Project Champion:

Naomi Spence

What are the appropriate grade levels:

K to 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

Yes, in regards to hands-on participation. Owing to the fact The Hope Garden is a seasonal operation and limited in size, we can invite a maximum of two classrooms to participate in a tour at one time. Due to the small space of the greenhouse, we would lim

Is there an opportunity for community service:

Yes – 0 to 4 hours

Is this a new or existing project:

This is a new project.

Estimated project cost:




“Greenhouse for the Garden” is designed to help increase The Hope Garden’s productivity by creating a space for early season seedling growth. To date, The Hope Garden, located in downtown Hailey, has contributed over 3,000 pounds of fresh produce to The Hunger Coalition’s Mobile Food Bank. Thanks to the generosity of University of Idaho’s Blaine County Extension Office, students will upgrade an existing greenhouse located adjacent to The Hope Garden. The structure will allow space for an appropriate growing climate during the spring months, guarding against crop loss due to cold weather and increasing potential harvest quantities. Students can participate in the “Greenhouse for the Garden” project at every age and ability level, from Kindergarten through 12th Grade, and create a tangible impact on the health and well being of our entire community.

Students and teachers can choose to draw upon class curricula including nature, science, plant propagation, photosynthesis, and more. Through research and resourcefulness, students can reach out to local, regional and national businesses to match or leverage their initial 0 contribution, or invite other classrooms to partner with them on the “Greenhouse for the Garden” project, and secure sufficient funding to carry this project through construction and into planting.

Seedlings/starts will be transferred to The Hope Garden for continued harvests throughout the summer and fall, contributing essential fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for local families and individuals facing hunger through our Mobile Food Bank program. Young plants will also be made available to participants in our Grow Your Own Program, offering qualified community members a small private garden plot in The Hope Garden to empower and nourish through improved life skills and the production of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits.

“Greenhouse for the Garden” will be championed by Program Director Naomi Spence. Naomi will be responsible for student motivation and support, site prep and installation and public student recognition.
Video or photographic documentation of the project is welcome. As an additional community service component, students are invited to volunteer their time at The Hope Garden throughout the summer and fall to witness the full cycle of seed to harvest.

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Classrooms who have adopted this project

Hemingway Elementary
Kim Trammell
15 students