The Power of Teaching Civics

The merits of studying Science and Math are hard to deny, as are the benefits of working hard to receive high marks in all of one’s studies. Recently, however, a Fremont, California teacher realized his students would benefit from a civics class that teaches them how to be informed and engaged community members. “The course touches on a range of topics related to being an active citizen, including writing letters to the editor, running a fundraiser, starting a club or civics-focused group and identifying biases in the media.” The teacher, Jeffery Alves, started designing the course when, “he read more about colleges that were disappointed with the “selfish” students arriving on campus who seemed focused more on personal achievement than the common good.” Students in his course are learning and developing a myriad of skills, among them are how to find meaningful volunteer opportunities.

We love learning about teachers like Alves, who understand that an effective education encompasses all parts of the self and develops diverse skills and knowledge from STEAM to the Social Sciences.

Geha, Joseph.”Civics Classes in Fremont High School: There’s more to life than just your grades” East Bay Times: Community News., December 29th 2017.

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