Have you ever wondered what would happen if you gave a group of students 30 dollars, and asked them to use the money to pay it forward in random acts of kindness? Well, we at Wow: The Generosity Project decided to find out. In 2017 Wow began it’s Pay it Forward Initiative. This initiative is designed to encourage high school students to look beyond themselves and engage in random acts of generosity. It teaches students to tell stories of generosity and to think about the various ways one can be kind, and how small acts can have large impacts on individuals’ days and a community as a whole. It is our ultimate dream that maybe one of these Pay It Forward acts will trigger a domino effect of generosity that can be traced through our entire community.


You contact us about participating in the Pay It Forward Initiative. In your contact email, please include: 

  • How many students will be participating 
  • A brief paragraph explaining why you would like your particular students to experience Pay It Forward, how you hope they will benefit, and how you might frame the initiative in your class

We ask that the participating teacher commit to grounding the initiative with some additional activities in the classroom, including a formal reflection after participating. Wow will come and introduce the initiative and distribute the funds and will return in a predetermined number of days to hear students stories. We will also provide teachers with a suggested framework and resources (articles, Ted Talks, and Reflection Questions). Finally, sit back and watch the power of your students’ generosity take hold.