Wow encourages parental participation

Parents play an essential role in the success of each student’s generosity experience. We encourage parents to talk to their students about generosity and their Wow-Project. A student’s understanding of the concept of generosity and community engagement greatly increase when he or she also has conversations about the projects at home.
Parents, we thank you for continuing the generosity conversation at home and for helping us to foster generous behavior in the most important generation, our children.

Ideas for Conversation Starters

How to get involved with Wow: The Generosity Project

In an effort to help your child (and you) better understand his or her wow-student class project please take a moment to have a conversation together using the following questions. Wow would love to hear feedback on this experience for your family.
  • What is Wow: The Generosity Project?

  • What Wow project are you working on?

  • Which nonprofit organization does this project benefit and what do they do?

  • What do you like about doing this project and being generous?

  • What did you learn? What were you most surprised by?

Check to see if your child’s class has selected a project – Click HERE and look for their classroom.
If no project has been selected, talk to your child’s teacher.
Ask the teacher about your child’s class activities attend a

  • field trip
  • presentations
  • community service opportunities