At any grade level, before you begin a Wow Project, it is important to introduce the concept of generosity. How you do this, and on what level you discuss generosity, will depend on what is developmentally appropriate for your students. We also know that you probably have great ideas of your own, but just in case you are looking for inspiration on how to help students understand and talk about generosity, below we’ve shared some possible activities. Feel free to borrow, adapt, and make this perfectly suited for your classroom.

Also, a quick note– we know you are trying to achieve a bizillion things in a day with your students, and that time is limited. We get that you might not spend days on generosity. Sometimes a 10 minute lesson is enough to kick off your project!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like help figuring out how to introduce the concept of generosity and how to weave it into your existing curriculum and grade level standards. A representative from Wow is happy to coordinate with you and integrate this introduction into your curriculum. Just email: or

Ask your students to complete the sentence, “Generosity is________” Do not preface this with your own definition, just ask students to quietly complete the sentence. Next, invite students to pair and share their sentences. After these small shares, engage students in a larger discussion: how many students had similar or different definitions? What definitions do you have? How have you ever been generous? Would you like to be? How would you like to be generous? Why be generous?
After your discussion, ask students to complete the same sentence: “generosity is______.” You can have students do this on their own papers, or your could pass out index cards or colorful strips of paper and then collect them and post them somewhere on the wall to view in the days to come.