High School Grant Program

Due to the generosity of our donors, Wow: The Generosity Project has a grant pool of 15,000 dollars available to high school students who want to make a difference their community. Our High School Grant program gives students leadership opportunities and resources to improve the quality of life in Blaine County. The grant program requires that students research community needs, and then allows them to develop, fund, and execute their own generosity projects.

Students can develop and apply for Wow Grants as a class, a club, a group, or an individual. Students do not have to attend the same high school, they just need to be united in their passion and drive to make a difference.

This grant writing and allocation process, allows students to not only make needed contributions to community nonprofits, but also gain a deeper understanding of philanthropy, leadership and the role of nonprofits in our community. Furthermore, the grant program encourages students to invest their passions in the community and make a phenomenal impact.

Grant Guidelines and Application Process