To apply for a Wow grant, please submit a funding request that includes the information listed below. Grants requests may not exceed $2,000. Grants that incorporate community partners and an additional fundraising component are encouraged. Please carefully complete your application on a separate, typed document, and submit it via email to:

Project Basics and Contact Info:
  1. Project Name
  2. Student Project Coordinators and any additional student participants’ names and school and/or nonprofit affiliation (i.e. Susie Jones, Sage School, Advocates Intern)
  3. Contact info for each participant (email)
  4. Teacher/Project Advisor (include phone and email addresses)
  5. Nonprofit Organization with which the project is affiliated (must be cleared with nonprofit prior to submitting application)
  6. Primary contact at nonprofit (phone and email address)
Project Summary:
  1. A statement outlining the project, what need it is addressing in our community, and expected objectives and goals, and why you are passionate about impacting this need
  2. Explanation of the benefit the project will bring to Blaine County
Project Timeline:

Anticipated time frame from initiation of work through the expected completion

Total Project Budget:
  1. Itemize all volunteer hours
  2. Equipment and materials needed (if applicable)
    Breakdown of funding sources
  3. The specific amount of funds requested from Wow and proposed allocation of the funds to the project (remember, you may allocate funds towards supplies, events, and donation to a specific nonprofit)
Submit Your Proposal

Submit your proposal via email to:

Meet with the Wow Team

Once Wow has received and reviewed your application, a representative from our team will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss the ins and outs of your project. Wow will follow up with you within a week after your meeting to approve your project.

Be Generous, Make an Impact, and Send a Final Report!

All grant recipients must send a final report that includes a brief description of the success or failure of the project, the benefit to the community, some sort of reflection (what you learned), which should include photos, videos, art etc.

Reports should be submitted to: and