Books are a great way to introduce the concept of generosity to your students, and to spark a conversation about giving in our own community. If you are working with older students (middle or upper school), articles and nonfiction book excerpts are also great resources. We’ve curated lists for you of both children’s books and articles. Check them out below.

If you know of some great titles not listed here, please send them our way; we are always looking for more reads!

Children's Book Recommendations
Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett — a little girl finds a never-ending box of colorful yarn in the middle of a cold, grey winter. She uses the yarn to knit everyone in her town sweaters.
Discussion Questions: What would you do if you had a never-ending box of something that you could use to help your school/neighborhood/community? (This book also displays greed– can be a good way to discuss generosity and its opposition)
Project Connections: Winter Fun Packs, General introduction to generosity
Articles & Book Excerpts
Below are lists of articles and book excerpts that pertain to giving, generosity, and gratitude. Some focus on practices one can instill in one’s own life while others address ways to engage children in generosity. Some of these articles and passages are appropriate for older students to read in their study of generosity, while others are great reads for parents and teachers.

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