Frequently Asked Questions

We want your experience with Wow to be meaningful and easy to navigate. These questions may help you understand more about us and the process of a Wow Project. If you still have questions, or would rather just talk to us in person, please do not hesitate to contact Morley, Elizabeth, or Louise

Wow is the liaison between all of the valley’s schools and teachers and its 50 plus active nonprofits. The organization works closely with the nonprofits to design age-appropriate projects that students can complete, and then posts the projects on its website and meets with teachers to discuss the offerings. The projects range from building dog shelters to tagging trout. Each year the projects are different, based on the help that each nonprofit needs. Wow helps the nonprofits develop projects that are clear, fun, and have an obvious outcome that students understand.
In some cases (especially with younger students), the teacher will select a nonprofit and project that he or she thinks makes the most sense for his or her class. In other cases, students research the nonprofits, make presentations to their fellow classmates, and then the class votes to determine the project on which they will work.
Wow will donate $25 on behalf of each student to the nonprofit with which the class is working. If a class of 32 students is working with The Advocates, then The Advocates receives $25 x 32 students, a total of $800. Wow has some very generous investors behind the scenes who have created a $100,000 fund to make all this happen. They understand how important it is for students to realize (at a young age) that a donation, no matter how small, can make a difference. Their hope is that if the concept of community engagement is introduced early on, it could lead to a lifetime of generosity and giving.
Wow is happy to work with you to create a project that is developmentally appropriate and exciting for your students. We can have a conversation via email, the phone, or can come to school to meet with you. You can share your curriculum maps, guiding questions, and unit goals with us, and we can build off of them, and/or you can tell us a theme to which you’d really like to see your project connect. We are happy to take the time to dive in and come up with a project that is both meaningful and related to your students’ classroom experience. We want this process to be simple for you as a teacher, so that you feel like it is attainable and enhances your students’ learning.
Absolutely. We love it when teachers and students come up with their own ideas. In fact, it is our ideal scenario when students are inspired to create a project. We do have to make sure that the nonprofit is onboard– Wow will facilitate this collaboration. If you do create your own project, it is essential that you still sign up on the Wow website. Go to “Project Sign Up” and select “Create Your Own” follow the prompts from there. If we do not know you have created a project, we cannot consider it a Wow Project.
The time commitment for Wow Projects can vary. We do require that teachers introduce the concept of generosity to their students (you can do this on your own, or invite representatives from Wow to come in and talk with your students; for this, we ask that you set aside 15 minutes or so). We also provide a variety of teacher resources on our website for teaching about generosity. The project itself could be a one time, one hour commitment, or one that continues throughout the school year, it really depends on what you choose. We know you are busy and there are many demands on your time and your classroom time; it is our goal that a Wow Project, whenever possible, deepens students’ learning experiences. Please reach out to us if you would like us to help you connect a project with what you are already doing in your classroom.

We also require that students participate in a meaningful reflection post-project. This is another area where you can build in skills you are already working on (public speaking, writing, or research– even math), we have lots of resources for this too.

Wow has a plethora of resources that we make available via our website. We have questions to provoke discussions about generosity, and short videos, book recommendations (short and long), articles, and activities to guide student reflection. Be sure to check out this part of our website.
Yes and no. Your class may only do one project that includes the 25 dollar per student donation. You may do additional projects, but those will not include a donation component. We encourage your students to get creative and fundraise if they feel the donation is an important part of their generosity!
Sometimes you can. Please inquire with Wow to find out. A lot of times the age ranges are ballpark ranges.
It really depends on the project. Please inquire with Wow.
Nope. You must sign up through the Wow website and receive confirmation from Wow before your project can be considered a Wow Project, EVEN if you have done this project several times in the past. This is both for our records and book keeping, and ensures that we can be a part of the project– help coordinate behind the scenes details and join your students in the field. To help you out, here’s a link to the Project Sign Up page
Nope, you can’t. We know that there are amazing nonprofits beyond Blaine County, and we understand that some of them may be addressing issues that are close to your heart (or your students); however, a large part of our mission is to increase community engagement through generosity. In order to do so, we’ve made a commitment to ourselves and to our investors, that all donations from Wow projects must go to local nonprofits. This isn’t to say we won’t be your cheerleader if your students take on a generosity project that engages nonprofits outside the Wood River Valley; we’ll just be cheering from the sidelines.