Seed Bombs

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Sponsored by:

Wood River Land Trust

Project Champion:

Matthew Steinwurtzel

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

2 classrooms

The theme for this project is:

Environment, Ecology, Plants, Bees

Is there a deadline for this project?

November 2019

Help the Land Trust improve native pollinator habitat within the Hailey Greenway! Join the Land Trust staff in distributing “seed bombs” onto the new pollinator meadow at the Colorado Gulch Preserve. “Seed bombs” are an effective and fun way to plant native pollinators in hard-to-reach places. They contain clay, seed-starter mix, water, and of course– seeds! Seed bombs also protect the seeds from scavengers while providing a fun activity targeted at improving pollinator
habitat. This project will take place sometime in early November, and will be held at the Wood River Land Trust?s Colorado Gulch Preserve. Students will be given pre-made seed bombs and will be given the opportunity to throw and scatter them on the meadow at Colorado Gulch. Seed bombs will contain showy milkweed, yarrow, goldenrod, and beardtongue seeds. Let’s work together to make the Wood River Valley a healthy place for our native pollinators.