Candle Making for Memorial Tree

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Sponsored by:


Project Champion:

Lisa Wild

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

no limit

The theme for this project is:

Arts, Relationships, Memorializing

Is there a deadline for this project?

November 2019

Hospice needs students to make roughly 150 candles to be used for the Annual Memorial Tree Service that is lit every December. This event commemorates individuals who have died through a meaningful service where the names are read and after a moment the evergreen tree is lit with the holiday lights in honor of the names of these individuals. Participants in the audience each get a candle at the start of the service and the group sings Silent Night with their candles lit.

Students are welcome to come to the Memorial Tree Service on December 3rd at 5pm at 320 Leadville Ave Ketchum, ID.

Please Note: Each project group does not need to make 150 candles! We can have multiple classes contribute. Candles need to be thick enough to have a cardboard safety sleeve fit atop of it in order to catch wax drips. Candles need to be completed and dropped off to hospice office by November 26th.