Food, You, and The Planet

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Sponsored by:


Project Champion:

Kathryn Guylay

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

1 classroom

The theme for this project is:

Health, Environment, Food

How can a student impact the planet as a whole? Can a student’s choices have a ripple effect on the community?

This project will demonstrate the impact that each student has in his/her choices. Our food spend and eating habits can affect not only our energy levels and academic performance, but also the quality of the natural world in which we live.
91% of children today do not eat the daily requirement of veggies. Yet study after study shows that a plant-based diet is critical to our own health as well as the health planet.

Through a multi-touchpoint project with Nurture and The Hunger Coalition, students will learn about the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies. They will assist The Hunger Coalition’s garden project by growing plants that will assist in feeding the broader community with healthful fruits and veggies.