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Nonprofit Project Title Grades Student Limit Theme Status
Blaine County Rec Galena and the Trails Winter Benefit CenterpiecesCreate 45 centerpieces for BCRD’s annual Galena and The Trails Fundraiser held Saturday, January 26th, 2019. Students will turn old BCRD trail maps into beautiful paper flowers that will adorn the table for this winter’s Benefit. BCRD will provide the maps and teach your students how to create flowers. Students can then deliver the centerpieces to the Sun Valley Inn Limelight Room on Saturday, January 26th and place them on the tables before 1 pm.

4-12 1 class Recreation, Art, Philanthropy, Athletics
Blaine County Rec Galena Lodge Scavenger HuntCreate a fun, nature and history based scavenger hunt to engage young visitors of Galena Lodge. BCRD employees will coordinate with teacher to teach students about Galena’s history and environment, so that students can create a great scavenger hunt for other visitors to Galena. The class who completes this project will also take a field trip to Galena to brainstorm and plan the scavenger hunt. 6-12 1 class Recreation, Outdoor Education
Blaine County Rec Quigley Canyon Trail WorkHelp the BCRD get the new Quigley Canyon trails ready for summer use. Students will help pick up trash, dog poop, rake, and pull weeds along the trails in Quigley Canyon.

6-12 2 classes Recreation, Outdoor Education, Environment
Blaine County Rec Ski the Rails Aid StationSupport the fun and free Ski the Rails event, a community ski tour along the Wood River Trail from Ketchum to Hailey. Students will run an aid station that provides snacks and drinks free of charge to Ski the Rails participants.

Ski the Rails is a weekend, community event, and students will need adult supervision while they are working the booth.

This event typically occurs in February. Project must be signed up for by JANUARY, 1st 2019

6-12 1 class Recreation, Outdoor Education, Community Event
Blaine County Rec Spring Trail Clean UpKeep our bike path beautiful and clean! Spend an afternoon with your classmates picking up trash along the BCRD Wood River Trail; You and your classmates will walk sections of the bike path with a trash bag and a pair of gloves, picking up trash along the way. K-12 None Environment
Blaine County Rec Miles of Smiles Bike BuildingCalling all bike techs! Come build the bikes that BCRD gives away through it’s Miles of Smiles program. Miles of Smiles supplies brand new bikes to children in our community in need. Work together with your class to bring the joy of riding a bike to several children who wouldn’t otherwise experience it.

Please note, this project will take place in late winter or early spring.

9-12 1 classroom or a small group of individuals Athletics, Recreation, Education, Youth
The Community Library Build An Escape RoomBuild an Escape Room Game

An escape room, also known as an “escape game,” is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms.

The library wants to have an escape room game, and they need your help. A classroom will work together to plan, design, and build an escape room suitable for kids and families ages 6 and up. The puzzle room should follow a theme, which may be based on a literary character or series of books (not required). The room should include a variety of challenges and puzzles using different methods and props. Successful participants should be able to complete the escape room in under an hour.

The Library will provide the class with 0 credit at The Gold Mine Thrift store to purchase props. We also have books available in the library to aid in building an escape room.

The class may have the opportunity to visit the library and host the escape room either 1) as an event at the library where groups sign up in teams to participate or as a site visit the site to see the space.

(Note: the space is under construction until December 1, 2018).

6-12 2 classes Community Challenge, Literature
ERC Bio-Control in the Wood River Valley The ERC’s Pesticide Action program is working to reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers in the Wood River Valley. For this project, students will oversee the maintenance of and education around the Wood River Community Knapweed Bio-Control Insectary: a nursery for insects that eat Spotted-Knapweed (a very common and problematic noxious weed).

Students will learn about noxious weeds, bio-control, and weevils. Students then have the option of taking a field trip to the insectary where they will see how the weevils are raised, assist with the maintenance of the insectary (age-dependent), and take a guided walk around the insectary. Alternatively, you may choose to go outside near school with your class and pull noxious weeds (spring).

In the classroom, students can work on educational signage for the insectary or assist in the decoration of native seed packets that the ERC will distribute to the community. The ERC can make its classroom visit at any point; however, the field trip component will need to take place before the end of October or in late April or May when snow has melted from the insectary.

In an effort to control weeds, landowners often rely on chemicals that are destructive to native plant communities and harmful to environmental and human health. Chemicals are used every day to maintain school grounds, playing fields and public paths, unnecessarily exposing our community to carcinogens, asthmagens, and developmental toxins. In Blaine County, a minimum of 11 pesticides are routinely sprayed, many of which are known neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors that cause reproductive damage and are linked to various cancers. One non-chemical weed strategy the ERC is promoting is the use of is bio-control. The ERC, in collaboration with the Forest Service and Blaine County Noxious Weed Department, maintains the Wood River Community Knapweed Bio-Control Insectary at near the Boundary Creek campground out Trail Creek where root-boring weevils (insects) are being grown to provide a chemical-alternative weed control to the Valley. Currently it costs /weevil; however, with this local insectary, each weevil will be given out free of charge and will be more effective as it will be habituated to our local ecosystem.

4-12 None Environment
ERC Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The ERC currently works with Blaine County’s 5B Recycles program to conduct outreach on best recycling practices. The ERC also facilitates recycling for small and large community events throughout the year. The ERC is looking for students to assist with community outreach and education on engineered product (ie: books, batteries, electronic devices, plastic bags) life cycles.

As the global population continues to grow, our resource needs are increasing, our waste is accumulating, and there are fewer options to dispose of non-recyclable, non-reusable waste. It is important that here in Blaine County we educate our community on what can be diverted from the waste stream and encourage actions and behaviors that keep these items out of the landfill. It is equally important to encourage community members to think about the entire lifecycle of a material rather than just its end life to encourage more sustainable consumer habits. This reducing, reusing, and recycling mindset must be consistently taught and reinforced in our community if we want to maintain the beautiful Blaine County for generations to come.

The combination of our transient community and the continually changing manufacturing and recycling processes make frequent outreach and education critical in Blaine County. Therefore, the ERC is enlisting the help of local students to creatively educate the public on best consumer practices. This project includes an introductory lesson on waste reduction (reducing, reusing and recycling), and a potential field trip to the Blaine County Recycle Center (school permitting), where students can experience the local recycling practices. After these experiences, students can choose an engineered product to research the cradle-to-grave lifecycle and develop a visual piece that outlines the lifecycle. These visual pieces can be diagrams, posters, brochures, or any other creative visual that clearly exemplifies the engineered product lifecycle. Classrooms could also choose to create educational outreach materials such as brochures, posters, or other creative media to help promote best recycling practices and consumer habits. These visuals or media will be used by the ERC to assist our youth and community education and outreach on reducing, reusing, and recycling. The ERC can make the classroom visit at any time, but the field trip to the recycling center must occur in the fall or spring.

1-12 6 classes Environment, Waste Management, Recycling
ERC Pick Up for the Planet (PUP)
In this project, the ERC will do an introductory program on runoff and the negative effects of dog waste. Students will then be tasked with creating an educational piece around this issue that will be used in our outreach efforts. Older students (5th and above) may assist in the collection of data and mapping (through the use of GPS and GIS) or flagging of unattended dog waste at trailheads. This project can be performed throughout the year, although fall and spring are preferable for mapping and flagging.

Currently, the ERC collaborates with the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to manage dog waste at local trailheads, and to educate the community on the negative health and environmental impacts of unattended dog waste. Dog waste is the third largest cause of water pollution in the United States as it contains extremely high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen that, when added to the water, encourages rampant algae growth, which degenerates and alters the river ecosystem. Unlike horses, deer, and other domestic and wild animals, dog waste contains microbes that can be harmful to humans and dogs alike including parasites, e. coli, salmonella, giardia, and many more one gram of dog feces contains 23 million fecal bacteria. Because the rivers and streams of the Wood River basin are fed almost entirely by rain and snow runoff, the water flows down from the hillsides and brings with it sediment and uncollected waste. Therefore, every time someone neglects to pick up and dispose of their pet’s waste, they are adding to the pollution of our waterways.

The ERC’s PUP program is essential in maintaining a healthy and beautiful local environment free of unhealthy amounts of dog waste. The PUP program offers free bags to hikers and walkers, a strategically placed bin to place dog waste in, and weekly maintenance of the bin, to make disposing of waste easy, pleasant, and accessible to all.

3-12 None Ecology, Animals
ERC Idaho’s Dark SkiesLocal groups involved in maintaining the Dark Sky Reserve have requested the assistance of students in educating our community on the heritage of Dark Skies, local stargazing opportunities, and the importance of reducing light pollution. For this project students will participate in lessons and activities that the community better understand the importance of the Dark Sky Reserve. Classrooms can choose to create community outreach pieces, such as books, sculptures, posters or media, and there is the potential to participate in light pollution monitoring efforts (5th grade and up).

A Little Background…
In 2017, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) designated the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, the twelfth such reserve worldwide. IDA awarded the area Gold Tier status, their highest ranking for night sky quality. They City of Ketchum received national recognition as the first city in Idaho to be designated as an International Dark Sky Community, dedicated to reducing light pollution and preserving the night skies.

Light pollution is defined by the IDA as the inappropriate or excessive use of manmade light. Light pollution effects migration, pollination, reproduction, and sleep patterns in wildlife. It can increase the risks for obesity, depressions, sleep disorders, diabetes, breast cancer and more in humans. 80% of people in the US reside in areas where light pollution disrupts their view of the night sky.

K-12 None Fall and Winter; 3 classes in the spring Astronomy, Environment, Clean Air, Night Skies
ERC ROES CAMP COLLABORATIONIn 2016 the ERC and Wood River Middle School partnered to make a Wow Project an integral part of their annual Environmental Camp. Students work with the ERC to learn to about the annals of noxious weeds, how to identify them, and remove them from the property where camp takes place. Later in the school year students complete and in-depth classrom lesson about noxious weeds, create posters to educate their community about them, and work to remove them from their own school campus.

6 4 classes Ecology, Environment
Hailey Ice Learn to Skate Third Grade!Hailey Ice is excited to offer a “Learn to Skate Program” for third graders. Our goal is to bring a classroom into the rink to learn a new skill that will allow them the opportunity to recreate with friends and family, and find another way to stay physically active while having tons of fun! We will have instructors to teach the children, and also allow them free skate time.

In taking on this wonderful project we would like you, the students, to help bring even more awareness to what we do, and how others can help! In addition to creating this opportunity for students to learn to skate help us showcase the program and the Campion Ice house. Some ideas to showcase Hailey Ice may include but certainly are not limited to; creating a video highlighting the facility and programming that we do, or, even better, help us organize a family skate night, which gets not only students but the entire family enjoying a fantastic winter sport!

3rd None Athletics, Recreation, Community
Hailey Ice Sponser a Free Family Skate NightHelp Hailey Ice offer Free family skate night(s). Free Family Skate Night is an opportunity for everyone in the community to come out and have free admission to enjoy a night at the rink with family and friends. Free skate nights are very important because it is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the rink and it gives a great option to families for an affordable night out. It also exposes more people to the sport of ice skating which is a sport that someone can do for a lifetime. An average cost for a skate night for admission is 00. (200 youth 100 adults). For this project, student’s Wow donation would go towards covering the cost of a Family Skate Night.

5th grade and up have the option to volunteer at the event, handing out skates, cleaning up, and being “safety patrol” on ice. Students can take a field trip to the rink to skate, and then talk about how a free skate night runs, what volunteers are needed, and the best way to market the event. The kids can participate in the marketing with promotion around school, social media, and reaching out to such places as KDPI and Eye on Sun Valley to be interviewed.

K-12 None Athletics, Recreation, Community Event
Higher Ground Sun Valley Special Olympics Games Cheering SquadHigher Ground is hosting the Special Olympics Games this winter on Saturday, March 9. Athletes from all over Idaho will be coming to Sun Valley to compete in alpine and Nordic skiing. On Saturday, March 9, the athletes will part-take in opening ceremonies at Dollar Mountain or Sun Valley Nordic Center, then go on to compete during the day, and finish off with awards. The motto in Special Olympics is “let me win, but if I cannot win, let me brave in the attempt.” Let’s help these athletes be brave by creating welcome signs for opening ceremonies, posters to hold while cheering on the students, and buttons to support these athletes. These athletes work hard throughout the winter months with practices once a month. Let’s be inclusive and support these athletes’ big day! K-12 none Adaptive Sports, Education, Athletics
Higher Ground Sun Valley Swim with Special Olympics AthletesBe a buddy and swim with Special Olympics Athletes during practice. Some athletes are working on improving their swimming skills, and others still learning to swim. All athletes are working on socialization, following directions, and having fun. This is a great opportunity to support others and experience inclusion for our athletes. Swimming occurs weekly beginning the first week of April. The younger kids swim on Wednesday?s from 3-4 pm at the YMCA. This is a great opportunity for a field trip and create peer-to-peer relationships. Come for a practice in April or May.

** Please note students must be 16 or older to participate

11-12 7-10 students Adaptive Sports, Athletics
Hospice of the Wood River Valley Candle Making for Memorial Tree
Students will make 150 candles to be used at Hospice’s Annual Memorial Tree Service on December 3rd, 2018. This event commemorates individuals who died through a meaningful service; names are read, and after a moment, an evergreen tree is lit with holiday lights in honor of these individuals. Participants in the audience each get a candle at the start of the service and, once candles are lit, the group sings Silent Night.

Students are welcome to come to the Memorial Tree Service on December 3rd at 5pm at 320 Leadville Ave Ketchum, ID.

Candles need to be thick enough to have a cardboard safety sleeve fit atop of them to catch wax drips. Candles need to be completed and dropped off to hospice office by November 26th, 2018.

6-12 2-3 classes Community Event, Legacy, Arts
Hospice of the Wood River Valley Thoughtful Notes and Treats
Students will make hand-made notes and cards as well as baked goods once a month to be distributed to patients and families who are going through difficult times as they face a serious illness. This provides an opportunity for recipients to know that whatever they are facing, someone cares. This would be a monthly project throughout the school year. We would need approximately 50 cards/baked goods each month in order to be able to pass out the items to our patients.
K-5 1 classs Relationships, Writing,
Hospice of the Wood River Valley Legacy ProjectThe Legacy Project invites high school students to interview a hospice patient over the course of several weeks, exploring their past, validating what is important in their lives, and creating a friendship. At the end of the semester, the families of the patient are presented with a final project that captures the stories that the student obtained during their weekly visits throughout the semester. Final projects from students could include a book that records stories, a photo album accompanied by stories, or an audio/video history. Training for students will be provided beforehand as well as on an on-going basis throughout the school year. Materials will also be provided to assist students with collecting the history while at their visit. Students will need to have transportation to get to and from an individual’s home.
11-12 1 or 2 individuals History, Relationships, Story Telling
KDPI KDPI Youth RadioA continued collaborative effort between KDPI and Wood River Middle School’s Dual Immersion Program. Students brainstorm, write, and produce on-air content for KDPI. All content is broadcasted by the students in both spanish and english.

7-8 5 classrooms Radio, Communication, Education, Story Telling, Bilingual Communication
Mountain Humane Cat CrazeStudents will learn about different cat types that we commonly see in our shelter as well as fun facts and trivia about cats. They will make enrichment items for the cats and deliver them to the shelter. Students will also be able to see the different habitats in which the cats live in the new shelter (Note, the new facility will not be open until after January 2018).

K-12 4 classes Animals
Mountain Humane DIY FundraiserStudents can help raise awareness and critical funds for Mountain Humane’s pets. In this project, students will learn about the shelter’s various programs, decide on which program to focus, and design a fundraising and awareness campaign.
K-12 4 classes Animals, Fundraising, Philanthropy
Mountain Humane Dog Nutrition 101Students will learn about basic dog nutrition. Students will have the opportunity to make snacks for the shelter dogs. In addition, students will hold a dog food drive to help fill the dog food bank for the Hunger Coalition.
4-12 4 classes Animals, Nutrition, Health and Wellness
Mountain Humane Dog Trainers of the FutureThe goal of the Dog Trainers of the Future Program is to help students understand how to safely and effectively work with animals. The Shelter focuses on force free, positive dog training which helps create a very fun and rewarding experience for the students and the dogs.
5-9 4 classes Animals
NAMI Sometimes You’re Down and Blue, but Remember That You Will Always FlyWRHS Studio Art students (and members of the “Bluebird” club – sponsored by NAMI) will be painting birdhouses for a public exhibition that brings about awareness of mental health. Tentatively the airport in Hailey will be the venue for this show. Studio Art students will be challenged by researching their favorite historically famous artists who have/had suffered from mental illness/depression. Students will reinterpret one of their favorite paintings (2-D) by the artist they selected onto a three-dimensional surface (birdhouse).

9-12 Art, Mental Health
Nurture Eat A Rainbow91% of kids do not eat the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Through a multi-touch point project with Nurture, students will first receive their personal copy of “Give it a Go, Eat a Rainbow” to read with the author and take home. Students will also be provided with a fun “challenge” to try new fruits and veggies at home, keeping in mind the fun theme of the rainbow. To spread the positivity of the rainbow to the greater community, students will create an art project for either St. Luke’s hospital, the senior center, or another community location of the class’s choice. The project will conclude with a Rainbow Day when the students will wear colorful clothes, be ambassadors of healthy eating, and taste an arrangement of colorful fruits and veggies.
K-3 None Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Education, Food, Art
Nurture Know and Grow A Rainbow91% of kids do not eat the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Through a multi-touch point project with Nurture, students will first receive their personal copy of “Where Does a Rainbow Grow?” to read with the author and take home. Students will learn about the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies, and will get their hands into soil to plant seedlings, and, in turn, understand where these healthy plant foods come from. Students will then deliver their seedlings to a selected site of their choice (suggestions include: The Connection, The Advocates, Bloom Community Farm, the Hope garden, etc.).
K-3 None Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Plants, Education, Cooking
Nurture Food, You, and The PlanetHow can a student impact the planet as a whole? Can a student’s choices have a ripple effect?

This project will demonstrate the impact that each student has in his/her choices. Our food spend and eating habits can affect not only our energy levels and academic performance, but also the quality of the natural world we live in.

91% of children today do not eat the daily requirement of veggies. Yet study after study shows that a plant based diet is critical to our own health as well as the health planet.

Through a multi-touch point project with Nurture, students will learn about the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies, and will get empowered in the kitchen to feed themselves and others.

4-6 4 classes Health and Wellness, Food, Nutrition, Cooking
Sawtooth Botanical Garden Bug Zoo 2019Be a part of Bug Zoo, one of the Wood River Valley’s most beloved community events. Learn about bugs (and other cool critters) and their habitats by creating fun educational materials that will be on display throughout the Zoo. Over 900 kids and their parents & teachers will see your creations! Bilingual projects are welcome.
K-12 2-4 classes Ecology, Environment, Botany, Bugs
Sawtooth Botanical Garden A Kid’s Guide to the Sawtooth Botanical GardenWould your class like to research the Garden and create an educational walking tour designed especially for other kids? It’s no surprise…lots of kids visit the Garden! Kids and cool plants are a natural combination. Birds and bees live here, too, and, of course, there’s the famous Sawtooth Sandbox. Create a guide by hand (and the Botanical Gardens will copy and laminate it) or use a computer (we have templates you could use)- your choice!
4-12 1 classroom Ecology, Environment, Botany
Sawtooth Botanical Garden Pollinator Paradise
The Sawtooth Botanical Garden is a pollinator paradise! Your class can create and/or enhance habitat for pollinators such as bumble bees, hummingbirds and butterflies, including monarchs. Plants, flowers, houses, water features… we’re open to your ideas!

This project will include a classroom or site visit to learn about the Garden and its pollinators, and to brainstorm project ideas, and then later to deliver/install their project.

2-8 2 classrooms Pollinators, Botany, Environment
Sawtooth Botanical Garden Your Idea!Do you have an idea for a project that celebrates plants and inspires people? Terrific, that’s our mission! Let’s work together to come up with a terrific project for your students.

K-12 2 classrooms Botany, Ecology, Environment, Biology
The Senior Connection Meals On WheelsStudents can raise money to support home-delivered meals ( buys a meal) and make greeting cards along with a companionship envelope so seniors can correspond back to the student or both! This project helps students understand how different residents of our community are nourished and allows seniors and students to bring joy to one another’s lives through communication.
K-8 4 classes Food, Health and Wellness, Senior Citizens, Fundraising
The Senior Connection Adopt A SeniorStudents in a classroom or group can adopt the seniors at the Senior Connection for intergenerational activities like playnig BINGO, decorating cookies, singing together, and playing cards– you name it! This project is most effective if a class can commit to regular (monthly) visits to the Senior Connection.

K-8 3 classes Relationships, Senior Citizens
The Senior Connection Holiday Cards for SeniorsBring some holiday joy to members of the Senior Connection by creating Valentine’s or Christmas cards for members. For some seniors, these cards are the only holiday messages they will recieve. Your artwork and hand written message will brighten their days for sure.

K-12 None Senior Citizens, Art, Communication, Holidays
The Senior Connection Field Trip FriendsIf you class or group is taking a local field trip, members from the Senior Connection would love to join you. We can provide transportation for the seniors and meet you at the field trip site. Senior would also be interested in having a tour of your school and getting a “behind the scenes” visit.
K-12 None Senior Citizens, Relationships
The Senior Connection Mitten DriveThe Senior Connection could use up to 200 pairs of mittens or gloves to gift to their members. Get together with your class or your friends and organize a Mitten Drive! Ask people to donate new or gently used mittens that would fit adult men and woman. Students could also fundraise and use the proceeds to buy mittens to donate!

Each year, the Senior Connection provides holiday presents to its center members and Meals on Wheels and Home Care clients. These gifts are presented the 2nd and 3rd week of December. One of the most desired gifts are mittens and/or gloves. A mitten/glove drive would be most helpful in our effort to procure holiday gifts.

Students could join the Senior Connection Staff to distribute the mittens to members in December.

This project needs to be completed by the first week of December 2018!

K-12 None Senior Citizens, Health and Wellness, Winter
The Senior Connection Perform for SeniorsPresent a 10-30-minute performance (musical, singing or drama) to the senior members of the Senior Connection. Ideally at the Senior Connection center in Hailey, but seniors could also take a field trip to watch the performance off-site.

This can happen any time of year; week days between 10 am-2 pm are best!

K-12 3-20 students Seniors Citizens, Arts, Entertainment
The Senior Connection Hiking HeroesTake seniors on a nature, wildflower, outdoor, educational hike in our beautiful community. Level ground and 1-1.5 miles is ideal.

K-12 5-20 students Senior Citizens, Relationships, Outdoor Education, Environment, Athletics
The Senior Connection Team Car WashThe Senior Connection has a rolling fleet of nine vehicles that could use washing and inside the car “detailing” (inside windows, vacuuming). The Senior Connection would welcome a class/group to help with this special project to ensure that their fleet looks clean and presentable on the road.

6-12 5-20 sudents Senior Citizens, transportation
Souper Supper Tabler Decorations for Souper SupperStudents can provide handmade placemats and table decorations for a Souper Supper dinner. These could be themed with a holiday or match the season. Souper Supper offers dinners regularly throughout the year, so there is no specific deadline for this project. K-12 None Community, Food, Food Insecurity,
Souper Supper Souper Supper EntertainmentDoes your class have a special song they have learned or a short performance they would like to do? Come perform for diners at one of Souper Supper’s weekly meals.

K-12 none Performance, Food Insecurity, Entertainment
St Lukes Wood River Foundation Planting Healing Joy Around the HospitalEveryone loves the first flowers of spring. For this project, students will come to the hospital in the fall and plant narcissus (daffodil) bulbs, the first flowers of spring, around the hospital. Students will then return in the spring when the flowers have bloomed and cut some, not all, stems to deliver to patients who are in the hospital.

6-12 none Health, Wellness, Horticulture, Gardening
St Lukes Wood River Foundation Share Joyful Flowers with NursesNurses do so much for patients, but only one week a year do we stop to recognize how much they give and do for their patients and their families. For this project students will decorate flower pots with their creative art and then fill the flower pots with plants of their choosing and deliver them to SLWR nurses during nurse appreciation week.
K-12 2 classes Health, Wellness, Flowers, Joy
St Lukes Wood River Foundation Warm Welcomes for NewbornsTo promote safe sleeping, we encourage parents to only use swaddle blankets (Halo Sleepsacks) for newborns. They keep unnecessary items out of the cribs/bassinets that can cause suffocation and promote safe sleep habits for mothers and their babies. The sleepsacks allow babies to be placed on their backs which is the safest sleep position; keeps them warm by being all enclosing; swaddles the baby while allowing for freedom of leg movement, which is most beneficial. In the past, we have done this project and all of our patients really enjoyed this lovely gift.

Students will invest in the Halo Sleepsacks (Wow suggests creating a student-run fundraiser to collect funds to buy the SleepSacks), construct information cards outlining the benefits of swaddling in Spanish and English, and customize gift tags for each that describe the student generosity initiative.

K-12 1 class Health, Baby Care, Children
St Lukes Wood River Foundation Comforting Young PatientsIf you have ever been a patient at the hospital, you know how scary and uncomfortable it can be. Our nurses would like a collection of gift bags which could include books, coloring books, crayons and small stuffed animals that they can give to children to comfort them during their time in the emergency room or inpatient. Students will help choose their favorite books and select coloring books and crayons and small stuffed animals that will be given to our young patients to take home with them.

Students are invited to deliver their bags and get a tour of the Hospital to discover how their generosity helps patients.

K-12 1 class Healthcare, Medicine, Children
Sun Valley Center Get the word out about SVCA Family Day
Sun Valley Center for the Arts needs students’ help to get the word out to families at
their school about our Family Day event! Create promotional videos, signs, and slogans to advertise these fun, educational days at the Center. Family Day happens on the following dates:

Get the word out about SVCA Family Day -Nov 3
Get the word out about SVCA Family Day- Jan 12
Get the word out about SVCA Family Day- April 13

(Projects will need to be completed in advance of these days)

3-5 2 classes per event Arts, Technology, Community Events
Sun Valley Board Of Realtors Book DriveWork together with your class or your grade to gather 700 books for this year’s Holiday Baskets. Each student will pick a book they have recently read and write a card to go with the books that explain why they think someone will enjoy reading that paritcular book. Books can be new or used and appropriate for babies through 12th grade. K-12 none Holidays, Literacy, Giving
Sun Valley Board Of Realtors Decorate Christmas CardsWrite and decorate hand made Christmas Cards to be distributed to families in this season’s Holiday Baskets. Each family will receive a handmade card in their food basket wishing them happy holidays.
K-5 none Holidays, Art
Sun Valley Youth Hockey Go Skate DayHelp support Sun Valley Youth Hockey by taking part in the organization of Go Skate Day, a fun community-oriented fundraiser for the hockey program. Go Skate day is an all day skate at the outdoor rink at Hailey Ice, where groups sign up for an hour of skating and get individual sponsorships for that time. Students would help with the coordination, organization, advertising, and outreach for the project, and then, organize their class or school to come skate! Students will work under guidance of SVYH representatives, and will help us grow the program.

3-12 4 classrooms Athletics
Swiftsure Ranch Feed A 1200 Pound TherapistDuring this project, a student or class can sponsor one of Swiftsure’s many horses for the school year. Students will get regular updates from our equine manager, pictures of their horse, and the opportunity to come and help with his/her care which may include feeding, grooming and cleaning the stalls. In addition, the student/class will get special recognition in Swifsture publications, and learn about the ins and outs of equine therapy.

Swiftsure’s riders range from 2 to 80 years of age with physical, mental or cognitive disabilities. Our teams consist of a certified instructor, volunteer(s) and a horse. Horse’s walking movement is almost identical to the movement of a person. If a person is unable to walk or needs assistance, Swiftsure’s horses help the body move as if it were walking. The horse’s gait is considered for each student and the horse is chosen by the need of the client. A horse with a choppy gait may be well suited for a student who has attention deficit issues because the student has to concentrate to stay on the horse and then can be more attentive to the lesson and the cognitive tasks we have them perform. Many of our students receive therapy in other more traditional settings, but at Swiftsure Ranch, the horses provide a unique and important role that cannot be reached in other settings.

K-5 none Animals, Horses, Equine Therapy
The Advocates Adopt A FamilyThe Advocates offers a safe place to live for people in unsafe situations. We provide all the basics they need when they are living in shelter, including: food, housing, bedding, clothing and other essentials such as soap, shampoo, etc. Join us in “adopting” an Advocates family. We will come into your classroom and talk about the things a family might need in shelter. As a class, we will work to come up with some of these needed items. We will also talk about the brand new apartments that we are building. When it is finished, we will offer 12 transitional housing apartments for families in the valley. Your class will have the opportunity to come see the new building in the process of being built if you would like. K-12 5 classes (with a minimum of 15 students) Children, Relationships, Housing
The Advocates Buddy BenchThe buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. Let’s spread the message of inclusion and kindness, and bring a buddy bench to your school! With this project and the help of The Advocates, your class will educate the school about what a buddy bench is, set up a meeting with your principal, designate “buddies” (kids who will look out for kids who sit on the bench), get the whole school excited, and then find or fund a bench to put in your school. Check out the link below to see how different schools all over the country that have added a buddy bench: http://buddybench.org/category/in-the-news/buddy-benches-around-the-world/

We have found that this project is most successful when younger grades partner with older grades to teach the school and other students about how to use the bench!

1-5 2 classes per grade per school Children, Friendship, Education, Relationships
Mountain Humane Adopt A CatStudents will learn about the cat adoption process at Mountain Humane and will select a cat to learn about. Students will then help create adoption material to help find the furry feline a forever home.
8-12 2 classes Animals
The Hunger Coalition Make “Happy Thanksgiving” Cards for Thanksgiving BasketsThe Hunger Coalition needs students to take on a very important part of sharing the holiday spirit with our community. They need students to make creative, respectful, and loving “Happy Thanksgiving” cards for the participants who receive food from them at Thanksgiving, and they need 500 cards!!

Please note this project must be completed by November 9th!!

K-6 None Food Insecurity, Holidays, Thanksgiving, Art
The Hunger Coalition Create Activity Boxes for Summer Food ProgramThe Summer Food Program brings reading, fun activities, and free lunches to five neighborhoods in our valley all summer long. That’s a lot of days to come up with fun activities, so The Hunger Coalition could use some help from students to put together fun activity ideas and instructions for activities, and even gather the equipment if they can. Help to make summer even more fun fot everyone with this project!

The Bloom truck will be out of storage in April and The Hunger Coalition would love to have the students who put this together come check it out in May as they are getting the program up and ready to go.

This project must be completed by May 1st.

7-12 10 classes Food Insecurity, Education, Children
The Hunger Coalition Plant Starts for Bloom Community FarmBloom Community Farm is looking for a group of up to 25 students to grow the following plant starts for their farm: Broccoli (50), Green Cabbage (50), Napa Cabbage (50), Green Onions (two trays). The Hunger Coalition will provide seeds and trays. Students will need to provide potting soil and greenhouse space for the first 6-8 weeks of the starts’ lives. The class will also transplant their starts into farm ground in April or May 2019, with support of Farm staff. Not only is this project a great way to learn about the life cycle of plants and farming, but it is also an opportunity for students to help impact people in Blaine County’s access to fresh, healthy food. K-12 15 students Farming, Food, Health, Environment, Food Insecurity
The Hunger Coalition Create a Regional History Sign for Bloom Community FarmResearch, design and build a regional history sign for Bloom Community Farm! Bloom Community Farm sits in the soon to be developed Quigley Canyon. The farm will continue to grow as the canyon is developed and would like to share the history of the space with visitors!

Work together with your classmates to create a sign that educates visitors on the previous uses of the Quigley canyon land area, its wildlife, botany and natural setting, and any additional agricultural points. The sign should be made to withstand the elements of all four seasons and to fit into the existing perrenial garden, matching the current aesthetics of the farm.

In order to conduct your research, you could interview Quigley Farm developers, who possess significant relevant information, the regional history department at the Community Library, your teachers, and other local residents. The Hunger Coalition will consult throughout the project. Students and Wow will provide materials for sign construction.

This project is a great way to tie in regional history lessons to your community impact efforts. Not only will students need to collaborate to research, gather data, and write a functional sign, they will learn the history of a local space that is changing.

6-12 History, Local Food
The Hunger Coalition Seed SavingThe Hunger Coalition is looking for a group of 15 or fewer students to collect seeds from Bloom Farm and Hope Garden plants (both vegetable and perennial flowers), and to packet them for future distribution to volunteers and the community.

6-8 1 class or 15 students Ecology, Biology, Environment, Food Insecurity, Farming
The Hunger Coalition Build A Solar Food DehydratorSolar Food Dehydrator – work with The Hunger Coalition to build one of these cost-effective dehydrators. This tool will help us preserve food from several sources: donated grocery fruits and vegetables throughout the year; gleaned fruit from neighborhood trees in September and October; and vegetables from our food production sites all season long.

This solar food dehydrator will help us ‘Build Community Through Food’, by providing a group activity platform to bring people together, and in sharing the preserved food through a variety of our programs. The programs include: food distributions at our warehouse, Volunteer for Veggies sessions, snack packs for all school children in Blaine County, etc.

9-12 1 classroom Ecology, Environment, Food, Construction
The Hunger Coalition Construct a Chicken MoatBuild a chicken coop for 8 to 10 hens, and a fence to create a ‘moat’ around part of the perimeter fence at Bloom Community Farm. The chickens will patrol the space between the two fences (the ‘moat’), eating troublesome insects – specifically grasshoppers!.Their patrol around the edges will also help keep out unwanted weed seeds. The coop will ideally be located on wheels, to be rolled around. The fence will be approximately 5 – 6 feet tall. This method of insect control is very important to maintain organic management methods, and ensure excellent harvest numbers for our community! 8-12 up to 20 students Animals, Farming, Food Insecurity
The Hunger Coalition Luminaries for HungerStudents will decorate luminaries which will be sold throughout Hailey and Ketchum in order to raise awareness of food insecurity in the Wood River Valley. People who purchase the luminaries will all display them outside their homes the evening of December 5th.

3 3 classes Food Insecurity, Art
The Nature Conservancy in Idaho Silver Creek Trail Clean UpAfter a winter of snow and spring runoff, it?s time to get the trails at Silver Creek ready for summer visitors. The Preserve gets a lot of visitors every year, both humans and wildlife, and we want to maintain our trails so all can enjoy the Preserve. We will be clearing brush, maintaining some of our boardwalks and signs, and clearing debris. This project could be done as a day trip or paired with a classroom visit to discuss grade-appropriate topics such as; the ecology of Silver Creek, watersheds, wildlife at Silver Creek, etc.
6-12 2 classes Nature, Recreation, Community Space
The Nature Conservancy in Idaho Native Seed PlantingThe purpose of this project is to increase pollinator habitat and restore disturbed areas. Each student will be given native seeds of grasses and pollinator-friendly plants, grasses, trees, and shrubs to create seed bombs or grow a seedling in the classroom to be planted in an area of weed removal restoration. It is a simple act that can have long-lasting effects.
K-8 2 classes Environment, Nature, Ecology
The Nature Conservancy in Idaho Willow PlantingThe purpose of this project is to increase fish habitat, lower instream temperatures, and increase bank stabilization through the propagation and planting of willow trees. This project could be done in a number of ways, pairing an outing to Silver Creek to plant willows and a classroom visit to talk about the importance of fish habitat at Silver Creek.
4-12 2 classes Environment, Nature, Ecology
The Nature Conservancy in Idaho FencingThere are several areas on the Preserve that have fencing that is either obsolete or in disrepair. Fencing that is obsolete needs to be removed to allow for safe passage by wildlife, and to preserve the integrity of the landscape. Fencing that is in disrepair should be fixed to maintain safety corridors for visitors to the preserve. This trip could be paired with an interpretive talk.
11-12 1 class Environment
The Nature Conservancy in Idaho Upper Salmon ProjectConnect students with the Upper Salmon River basin. In classroom discussions around the importance of wild salmon runs, and habitat. Students will create and implement a project that will raise awareness of the importance of native salmon runs to the health of our rivers. Culminating in a trip to the Upper Salmon River for a day of exploration and connecting lessons with the place.

9-12 1 class Environment, Stream Ecology
Trailing Of The Sheep Festival Trailing of the Sheep Festival ArchivistTrailling of the Sheep Festival has 22+ years of history that needs to be organized, chronicled, logged and reviewed so that the organization can use it more efficiently. This includes written stories, media clippings and, possibly, video and audio recordings. This is a great project to help students understand how the role of archiving and the history behind this local festival and local sheep hearding.

Ideally, students who complete this project will also attend some portion of the 2018 Trailling of the Sheep Festival to gain a deeper understanding of the events they will be archiving.

Laura Musbach Drake from Trailling of the sheep will work closely with a student or small group of students to establish the parameters and process for the project, as well as supervise them.

11-12 4 students History, Tradition
Trailing Of The Sheep Festival Trailing of the Sheep Festival Business Window Decorating ContestStudents will create, market, implement, and judge a window decorating contest for local businesses with store fronts to participate in leading up to our Festival. The students will create the plan, advertise and market it, assist the businesses with decorating, judge the contest and then announce the winners.

This project can be completed for this year’s Trailing of the Sheep Festival, October 10-11th 2018, OR next year’s: October 9th-13th, 2019.

10-12 1 class Tradition, Community Event, Art
Trailing Of The Sheep Festival Event Support: Trailing of the Sheep Festival Sheep Art in Town Square

New in 2018, is a Sheep Art in Town Square event. We will have food, drink, merchandise, music and Sheep art vendors in Ketchum Town Square on Sunday, October 14, 2018 from 10 am to 3 pm. Art students or creative art clubs can create dcor for Town Square.

It would be great if the students could attend part or all of the five-day Festival (October 10-14, 2018 or October 9-13, 2019) to get a more intimate experience with our events.

9-12 1 class (or up to 20 students) Community Events, Art, Festivals
Wood River Land Trust Colorado Gulch Trail BuildingHelp the Wood River Land Trust build a new section of trail at our Colorado Gulch Preserve. We’ll clear brush and debris from the trail area to open up a new section of the Preserve to visitors! Bring work gloves, water, hat, and sunscreen.

6-12 2 classes Environment, Outdoor Recreation, Community Spaces
Wood River Land Trust Hailey Greenway Trail RestorationCome help us keep the trail system through the Hailey Greenway in great shape. Each spring, we rely on volunteers to help clean up trash, resurface the areas worn by spring runoff, and clear overgrown vegetation. With your help, we’ll keep continue to make the Greenway a place that both people and wildlife can enjoy. Bring work gloves, water, sunscreen, and hats.

K-12 2 classes Outdoor Recreation, Environment
Wood River Land Trust Bio-Control Bugs at Howard PreserveDid you know that you can use bugs to control invasive weeds? There are weevils, beetles, flies and more that thrive by eating the weeds that crowd out our important native plants. Join us for a one-hour adventure in the field to place bio-control insects on invasive weeds. We will also include short ecology lessons appropriate to the surrounding habitat.

K-5 4 classes Ecology, Biology, Environment
Wood River Land Trust Individual Expression and NatureResearch increasingly shows that time spent outdoors and in nature is beneficial for both physical and mental health. This project aims to showcase and express the many benefits that stem from time spent in nature. In the project, middle school students are encouraged to pick one of three vehicles of expression (art, writing, photography) and use that vehicle to articulate and illustrate just what nature and the outdoors mean to them.

Students will be taken out one day during the school year to a Wood River Land Trust preserve. At the preserve, they will learn more about the importance of protecting areas of nature, and the mission of the Wood River Land Trust. There are countless benefits that come as a result of protecting valued landscapes “close to home.” Not only do protected landscapes facilitate physical wellness by providing open spaces for activities, but they also contribute to mental wellness. These protected spaces in nature allow families, friends, and other community members to indulge in shared experiences outdoors. Whether it is a family picnic, a walk with a grandparent, or just a hike with a friend, protected spaces in nature provide opportunities for community members to better connect with each other.

Afterwards, students are encouraged to wander around the preserve to reflect on the mission of the Land Trust, what those landscapes mean to each student, and how he/she may articulate that feeling through individual artistry.

Students will then be given a forum to showcase their work through a presentation at a local venue, hosted by WRLT Staff. WRLT may choose some students artwork to be featured in promotional materials that will help inspire others to get out and explore these special areas, and to spur community-led action in order to protect them.

6-8 2 classes Environment, Art, Communication, Expression