Construct a Chicken Moat

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Sponsored by:

The Hunger Coalition

Project Champion:

Lynea Petty

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

up to 20 students

The theme for this project is:

Animals, Farming, Food Insecurity

Build a chicken coop for 8 to 10 hens, and a fence to create a ‘moat’ around part of the perimeter fence at Bloom Community Farm. The chickens will patrol the space between the two fences (the ‘moat’), eating troublesome insects – specifically grasshoppers!.Their patrol around the edges will also help keep out unwanted weed seeds. The coop will ideally be located on wheels, to be rolled around. The fence will be approximately 5 – 6 feet tall. This method of insect control is very important to maintain organic management methods, and ensure excellent harvest numbers for our community!