Trailing of the Sheep Festival Archivist

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Sponsored by:

Trailing of the Sheep Festival

Project Champion:

Laura Musbach Drake

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

4 students

The theme for this project is:

History, Tradition

Is there a deadline for this project?


Trailling of the Sheep Festival has 22+ years of history that needs to be organized, chronicled, logged and reviewed so that the organization can use it more efficiently. This includes written stories, media clippings and, possibly, video and audio recordings. This is a great project to help students understand how the role of archiving and the history behind this local festival and local sheep hearding.

Ideally, students who complete this project will also attend some portion of the 2018 Trailling of the Sheep Festival to gain a deeper understanding of the events they will be archiving.

Laura Musbach Drake from Trailling of the sheep will work closely with a student or small group of students to establish the parameters and process for the project, as well as supervise them.