Build Miniature Houses as Piggy Banks

Sponsored by:

Sun Valley Board of Realtors

Project Champion:

Amanda Ornelas

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

1 classroom

The theme for this project is:

Veterans, Carpentry, Design, Community Housing

Is there a deadline for this project?

October 2018

Help the Sun Valley REALTORS Give provide their Veterans? Housing Fund by designing, building and decorating piggy banks in the shape of houses. The Realtors? Foundation will use these ?house? banks at their Veterans? Day thank you event as a place where people can donate money to the fund.

Many veterans of all ages call the Wood River Valley home, and would like to continue to do so both as they age or after their tour of service. Sun Valley REALTORS Give maintains a Veteran?s housing fund to help veterans secure housing or remodel existing housing so that it is accessible for the veteran.

Your work on this project will help to both raise awareness of veterans in this valley, as well as support the Sun Valley REALTORS Give Foundation as they procure donations for the fund. Plus- the project allows students to be creative, innovative, and build!