Rotarun Hill Climb

Sponsored by:

Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation

Project Champion:

Sam Adicoff

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

unlimited, but classes need to coordinate hill climb for the same day

The theme for this project is:

Athletics, Recreation

Is there a deadline for this project?

late fall or late spring

Raise money and, more importantly, awareness for the SVSEF Learn-to-Ski-and-Race (LASAR) program at Rotarun. Set aside a fall day to have a walkathon running/hiking up and down Rotarun. Students will seek and collect pledges for each lap they complete. There will be aid stations set up at the top and the bottom of the hill, and snacks and drinks will also be provided at the conclusion of the event.

Rota-Rippers is a developmental entry-level ski program for kids starting at five years old. The new Rota-Rippers program will be particularly focused on entry-level and first generation skiers Both the LASAR and Rota-Rippers program are a part of Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation. “We believe that every kid in the Wood River Valley should have the opportunity to engage winter sport, build confidence, and establish a lifelong relationship with the mountains around them. The ability to provide after-school winter programming is a critical role that Rotarun, and its programs, play. For families who are looking to have their children participate in a professional and high quality program, at an affordable cost, this is an amazing opportunity.”

All the proceeds students raise, and their Wow donation will go towards financial aid for the LASAR and Rota-Rippers learn to ski and race programs at Rotarun. This is a great opportunity for students to learn a bit of the history of Rotarun, and to engage in a healthy and fun activity that makes skiing more accesible to everyone in our community.