The Power of Youth Radio

Sponsored by:

KDPI Radio

Project Champion:

Ellie Newman

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?


The theme for this project is:

Story telling, local history, identity

There has been no time in recent history when the importance of giving a voice to fact and the individual has been more relevant. The KDPI Power of Youth Radio project will give students the opportunity to learn skills ranging from: research, narrative development, interview techniques, broadcast engineering, production management and on air hosting. All aspects will be appropriately tailored to the participating age level.

Students will be encouraged to choose a meaningful topic ranging from generosity to diversity and then develop and produce programming around their chosen topics.

KDPI will also support and make studio time available for other Wow participants to interview their non-profit project hosts on the air. (This can be part of the Power of Youth Radio project or done separately.)