Create a Regional History Sign for Bloom Community Farm and Quigley Canyon

Sponsored by:

Hunger Coalition

Project Champion:

Lynea Petty

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

1 classroom

The theme for this project is:

History, Local Food

Research, design and build a regional history sign for Bloom Community Farm! Bloom Community Farm sits in the soon to be developed Quigley Canyon. The farm will continue to grow as the canyon is developed and would like to share the history of the space with visitors!

Work together with your classmates to create a sign that educates visitors on the previous uses of the Quigley canyon land area, its wildlife, botany and natural setting, and any additional agricultural points. The sign should be made to withstand the elements of all four seasons and to fit into the existing perrenial garden, matching the current aesthetics of the farm.

In order to conduct your research, you could interview Quigley Farm developers, who possess significant relevant information, the regional history department at the Community Library, your teachers, and other local residents. The Hunger Coalition will consult throughout the project. Students and Wow will provide materials for sign construction.

This project is a great way to tie in regional history lessons to your community impact efforts. Not only will students need to collaborate to research, gather data, and write a functional sign, they will learn the history of a local space that is changing.