Grow Plant Starts for Bloom Community Farm

Sponsored by:

Hunger Coalition

Project Champion:

Lynea Petty

What are the appropriate grade levels?


Is there a limit to the number of participants?

1 classroom

The theme for this project is:

Farming, Food, Health, Environment, Food Insecurity

Is there a deadline for this project?

February 2018

Bloom Community Farm is looking for a group of 25 or fewer students to grow the following plant starts for their farm: Broccoli (50), Green Cabbage (50), Napa Cabbage (50), Green Onions (two trays). The Hunger Coalition will provide seeds and trays. Students will need to provide potting soil and greenhouse space for the first 6-8 weeks of the starts’ lives. The class will also transplant their starts into farm ground in April or May 2018, with support of Farm staff. Not only is this project a great way to learn about the life cycle of plants and farming, but it is also an opportunity for students to help impact people in Blaine County’s access to fresh, healthy food.