Read And Eat A Rainbow!

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Kathryn Guylay

What are the appropriate grade levels?

K through 5th

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Students will learn about the importance of developing two long term healthy living habits: eating well and reading on an on-going basis. They will receive a copy of Give It a Go Eat a Rainbow (hardcover, 54-page color picture book targeted for ECC through 3rd grade) and will learn about the importance of reading and the local library system. At the end of this project, students will educate their peers and the broader community about healthy eating and reading habits.


The goal of Read and Eat a Rainbow is to teach kids in a fun, hands on way the importance of two healthy habits: healthy eating and daily reading. Each student will receive a copy of the brand new, 5x award winning picture book, Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow. On the first class visit, we will read the story together and talk about reading habits and our local library system. The kids will learn from the book the importance of eating fresh fruits and veggies, and they will be encouraged to try some new fruits and veggies between class visits. Students will also be encouraged to do a class book drive for their local library. On the second class visit, we will do an art project and have a “reading rainbow celebration” with a healthy snack of colorful fruits and veggies along with an educational game. To conclude the project, students will have the opportunity to educate the broader community about what they learn. To do this, students may create videos, PSA’s, skits, or posters; teachers can choose appropriate methods for their students and curriculum!

Class Visits & Field Trips

  • 1st in-class visit (read/receive copy of Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow) by Nurture
  • 2nd in-class visit (Rainbow snacks, art, games and reading) by Nurture
  • Optional field trip to local library (or Bloom truck) to deliver books from book drive.

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