Recycling in the Wood River Valley

Sponsored by:

Environmental Resource Center

Project Champion:

Hadley DeBree

What are the appropriate grade levels?

1st through 12th

Is there a limit to the number of participants?


Is there an opportunity for community service?



Help the ERC Educate the Community on Recycling!

The ERC currently works with Blaine County’s 5B Recycles program to conduct outreach on best recycling practices. The ERC also facilitates recycling for small and large community events throughout the year. The ERC is looking for students to assist in creatively educating our community on local recycling practice. In this project, the ERC would provide an introductory session on local recycling, and from there, students will design and create an educational piece that the ERC can use in its outreach efforts.


In our world, the population is growing, our resource needs are increasing, more waste is accumulating, and there are fewer options to dispose of non-recyclable, non-reusable waste. It is important that here in Blaine County we educate our community on what can be diverted from the waste stream, and that we encourage actions and behaviors that keep these items out of the landfill. It is equally important to encourage community members to think about the entire lifecycle of a material rather than just its end life. This must be consistently taught and reinforced in our community if we want to have a beautiful county for future generations.

This year, the ERC is continuing its collaboration with Blaine County’s recycling program, 5B Recycles, to educate the local community on best recycling practices and the overall reduction of waste. Because recycling and waste stream processes are constantly changing and our county’s population is relatively transient, it is often challenging to educate the community on best practices. The ERC is therefore enlisting the help of our local students in creatively educating our community. This project includes an introductory session with the ERC into local recycling practices and to where gaps in recycling knowledge are the most pronounced. In addition to this introduction, the ERC can organize a field trip to the Blaine County Recycling Center so students can see the local recycling process for themselves. From there, students will decide what aspect of recycling around which they would like to create an educational piece. The project can be in the form of a written piece, an art piece to be displayed at local events where the ERC is facilitating recycling, an electronic piece that can be displayed on the ERC’s website or the Visitor Center’s Screen in Ketchum, or in any other medium the students are interested in.

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