Helping Hands and Paws

Sponsored by:

Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley and Nurture

Project Champion:

Kathryn Guylay

What are the appropriate grade levels?

Kindergarten through 5th

Is there a limit to the number of participants?

1 class

Is there an opportunity for community service?


Is this a new or existing project?



The goal of Helping Helping Hands and Paws is to empower students with information about nutrition for themselves as well as all living creatures. Food is fuel, and we need to understand how to fuel ourselves for optimal energy and performance. The project is collaborative with the Animal Shelter and Nurture, combining in-class lessons from Nurture with a finale field trip to the shelter to visit the very special dogs and cats in residence.


Students will learn about the importance of nutrition and its role in keeping all living things healthy.

  • They will specifically learn about go vs. slow foods, my plate, the role of advertising in food, and sugar.
  • The class will learn how we are interconnected to all living things, and experience (through the field trip) the healing power of horses.
  • Class Visits & Field Trips

    • 1st in-class visit (go/slow foods and MyPlate) by Nurture
    • 2nd in-class visit (Be Ad Smart and Sugar Sugar!) by Nurture
    • 1 field trip to The Animal Shelter including presentation of presentation of healthy biscuits to help feed the animals.

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