Celebrating Plants, Inspiring Students – Your Idea!

Sponsored by:

Sawtooth Botanical Garden

Project Champion:

Kristin Fletcher

What are the appropriate grade levels?

Kindergarten through 12th

Is there a limit to the number of participants?

2 classes

Is there an opportunity for community service?


Is this a new or existing project?



Sawtooth Botanical Garden is a beautiful and inspiring place for kids to learn the important roles plants play in the ecosystem and in our community.


The staff at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden particularly enjoys designing custom projects with teachers and students that meet curriculum and teaching methods, and inspire student generosity. Project idea: share your ideas with us!

Class Visits and Field Trips:

  • Classroom or site visit to learn about the Garden, its mission and grounds; brainstorm project ideas
  • Classroom or site visit to advance work on the project
  • Culminating field trip to deliver/install project materials

Project Images

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