Paralympic School Day Experience

Sponsored by:

Higher Ground

Project Champion:

Peta Verhaeghe

What are the appropriate grade levels?

High School and 5th grade

Is there a limit to the number of participants?

5 High School students in fall and spring will work with 5th grade classes in the valley (7 total elem. Schools)

Is there an opportunity for community service?



Let’s Go Paralympic Day! Help make a successful Paralympic day happen at Blaine County Elementary Schools.


High School students visit 5th grade classrooms and educate them about Paralympic sports and Paralympic day.

Paralympic School day is a disability awareness program designed to integrate Paralympic ideals and values with educational activities.
High School students spend 4-5 hours planning a Paralympic Day for 5th grade classes in the valley. Participants can elect to work with elementary schools in the fall or spring to put together a Paralympic Day for that season. There are seven elementary schools in the valley, so the 5th grade classes can be split, four in the fall and three in the spring. Higher Ground will work with the high school students to guide them in how to put on educational activities that create awareness and understanding of Paralympic sports.

Items to cover: Paralympic education; Empowerment and social support in sports, athletes’ stories; respecting sporting achievements and sports as a human right; respect and acceptance of individual differences; classroom discussion

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