Winter Fun Packs

Sponsored by:

The Advocates

Project Champion:

Heidi Cook


What are the appropriate grade levels?

K through 8th

Is there a limit to the number of participants?

Four classes

Is there an opportunity for community service?


Is there a deadline for this project?

This project needs adopted by November 18th so we can purchase the items in time.


Every child in the Wood River Valley deserves to be warm and have fun this winter. Your class can make that happen!


Your class can help make sure every child in the Wood River Valley has the snow gear they need to stay warm and have fun this winter. Your class will help purchase boots, coats and gloves for local kids. They will also help purchase roll up sleds, wrap the gifts, and put winter fun packs together!

TEvery year around Christmas time, The Advocates asks kids in need what they want for Christmas. Most of them ask for very basic items, such as gloves, coats and boots, so they can play in the snow and stay warm throughout our cold winters. Your class has the opportunity to be a part of this project and help local children have fun outside playing in the snow! The Advocates will buy new coats, gloves and boots to fill Christmas lists and we will give every child a roll up sled, so they can have fun too. The Advocates will come to your class and talk about our organization. We will also talk about the project and what we can all do to make sure everyone has a great Christmas. The Advocates will use the WOW money to purchase brand new boots, gloves, coats and roll-up sleds. Then we will come back to your class the first of December with the brand items we purchased and together your class can wrap the gifts and make winter fun packs!

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