Hailey Ice free rink and Skate program

Sponsored by:

Hailey Ice

Project Champion:

Sarah Benson


What are the appropriate grade levels:

K through 12

Is there a limit to the number of participants:


Is there an opportunity for community service:

Yes – Additional attendant on busy days and weekends, putting on board sand signs, etc

Is there a deadline for this project:

December -February

Is this a new or existing project:

Existing project

Estimated project cost:



Skate for free! Ice, skates and loaner gear!

Hailey Ice provides free ice, skates and loaner gear in the winter. This allows families, kids, and visitors to try engage in a new sport for free or continue to enjoy one they love!.


Hailey Ice has been a mainstay in the community for over 15 years now, and we have provided a free natural outdoor ice rink for all to use every winter. Not only have we provided a free outdoor venue for skating, but as the interest in this winter sport has increased, so has the service that we provide, and this is what makes us successful. Every season not only do we build, create and maintain a free ice rink, we provide the use of loaner skates for free, as well as sticks, pucks, helmets etc. In order to supply for free the gear that is needed to participate in skating, we have a paid staff member onsite. This adult paid attendant allows us to keep the gear on site and in good repair, as well as encourage a safe adult supervised environment. By having a paid adult monitoring rink activity and handing out free loaner gear, we can provide a greater service to the community by keeping the rink in use more hours of the day.

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