Helping Paws

Sponsored by:

Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley

Project Champion:

Jenny Gardenswartz

What are the appropriate grade levels:

Grant Project by Sage School

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

2 classes

Is there an opportunity for community service:

Yes – Students will earn approximately 5 community service hours


Naming our project, Helping Paws, we propose to volunteer at the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley for seven consecutive Wednesday afternoons, working in any capacity needed so to free up the staff to work on larger projects. This includes grooming and exercising cats, helping to decorate for the Shelter’s annual Paw n Pole fundraiser, organizing adoption packets, braiding dog toys, walking dogs and helping them respond to commands and the clicker. Once we become familiar with the shelter’s needs, we will determine what best to request in our grant proposal. Our contact for Helping Paws has been Jenny Gardenswartz, Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator.


Dedicating time and energy to the Shelter for seven consecutive afternoons has allowed us to become more familiar with the staff and the Shelter’s mission. We’ve learned how to help newly-found animals adjust to life in the shelter and what goes into making the animals “as adoptable as possible.” Plus, we are now better informed as to the Shelter’s needs and how it can better serve the community. What we learned is this: The Shelter dedicates much of its time to reuniting found animals to their owners. To do this, they are in need of a microchip reader.

We are seeking a grant to help the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley purchase a HomeAgain Universal Worldscan Microchip Reader. It is priced at 4 on Amazon. The devise detects and reads a wide variety of different manufacturer’s embedded microchips, which is instrumental in the identification of lost dogs and cats. The devise is easy to use and is not disruptive to already stressed found animals (since it can read a chip from 1 inch above an animal’s fur).

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