Women’s Shelter Computers

Sponsored by:

The Advocates

Project Champion:

Heidi Cook

What are the appropriate grade levels:

Grant Project by Sage School

Is there a limit to the number of participants:
Is there an opportunity for community service:


Is this a new or existing project:

New Project


During this project, we have decided to work with the Advocates Women’s Shelter. We asked how they could best bene?t from us, and we agreed upon fundraising to buy them new computers for their skills labs. These computers would be accessible to women who have had traumatic experiences, and are trying to re-enter the workforce. The Advocates mission is as follows: “To teach people of all ages how to build and maintain healthy relationships. We accomplish this through education, shelter and support services.”(theadvocatesorg.org) These computers will help them develop the skills needed to ?nd a job, and further succeed in rebuilding their lives. We would also like to request 0 to buy supplies for our fundraisers.


We would like to gift them a total of ,100, with which they would be able to buy four new computers.


  1. Valentine’s Day at The Sage School: We will sell Valentine’s merchandise to students, faculty, and families at The Sage School. On the 10th of February, we will deliver the Valentine’s throughout the school. Goal amount: 0
  2. Jellybean Jar: We will put a jar in the school, and people will be able to guess how many there are for . The person who is the closest wins the jellybeans.
    Goal Amount:
  3. Lunch Ra?e:” People will have the opportunity to buy a ra?e ticket for , and upon drawing, two winners will receive a catered lunch from a local restaurant. Goal Amount: 0
  4. Gift Basket Raffle: “We will put together a movie theater basket (popcorn, two movie tickets and candy) as well as a spa basket (manicure gift certi?cate, nail polishes and two face masks). Ra?e tickets will cost each. Goal Amount: 0

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