Food Waste Awareness

Sponsored by:

The Hunger Coalition

Project Champion:

Naomi Spence

What are the appropriate grade levels:

Grant Project by Sage School

Is there a limit to the number of participants:
Is there an opportunity for community service:
Is this a new or existing project:

New Project


Our project is outlining and addressing the food waste problem in the Blaine County elementary school system. The goals for this project are for the students to learn about compost plus food waste and to set up a compost system for the elementary schools. We will teach the kids about food waste by creating interactive lessons to present. The kids, from what we as a class have observed, take lots of fresh foods from the salad bar and never even touch them. We can reduce the amount wasted by influencing how much food they take. Our goal is to create a clean plate club campaign that the kids will participate in when they eat a meal without throwing away any food.


Make a play involving some of the kids in the class to explain the issues surrounding food waste. They are more likely to listen if it is some of them and some of their friends vs us just talking about why composting is good for the environment and fun. We need to make this fun for the kids so they don’t see composting as another chore or something they don’t want to do but rather as something fun and helpful.

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