Promoting Music from the Hart

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Music from the Hart

Project Champion:

Hart Gibson

What are the appropriate grade levels:

Grant Project by Sage School

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  • Experience and better understand how music therapy works.
  • Increase awareness about music therapy through print, video, and an improved online presence.
  • Facilitate access to music therapy.
  • Provide more materials/instruments for music therapy.

We would like to create a project that helps the non-profit Music from the Hart, a somewhat new nonprofit that works with the disabled through music therapy. We intend to make a promotional video for Music from the Hart. We plan make promotional posters, and potentially publish an article and/or an advertisement in The Mountain Express to raise awareness about the services of this non-profit. We will help it Music from the Hart started and hopefully bring Music from the Hart and Higher Ground together to work on future projects.

Benefit to Blaine County:

  • Give a musical option for people going through anxiety and depression.
  • Emotional support through music.
  • Awareness of another form of therapy that could help various members of Blaine County.
  • A artistic/not so physical therapy for Higher Ground clients.

By advertizing Music from the Hart we will be giving the residents of Blaine County a new way to access therapeutic care to deal with anything ranging from depression to traumatic injuries. It will give Higher Ground client’s a new artistic/non physical opportunity, this could allow people with more significant disabilities to participate in fun activities. According to National Health Statistic Reports from the CDC, 62.2% of patients in Hospice use musical therapy and it proves to be very effective. This is just one of its many applications.

Time Frame:
As a group, we do service together every Thursday afternoon for two hours. Filming, editing, designing, compiling, writing, and interviewing will take place during those times, and presumably outside of that times as well. As a group of 7 students spending at least 2 hours per week on this project, we would like to be finished by early May.

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