Reuse the Valley

Sponsored by:

Sun Valley Center for the Arts & ERC

Project Champion:

Katelyn Foley

What are the appropriate grade levels:

Grant Project by Sage School

Is there a limit to the number of participants:
Is there an opportunity for community service:
Is this a new or existing project:



We would connect this project to nonprofits by advertising them in our work. We will not provide them with money but instead would show their names on the recycling bins to show their partnership with us and that they support our cause for recycling and getting people involved in art.


We plan on raising awareness for recycling and making recycling more accessible through the use of art made with reused materials. We intend on opening up the project to many local student artist, if they wish, to participate in creating the art that will go on or near the recycling bins. This project should take around two months to complete, including deciding on where to put the bins, contacting businesses and the city to see if they will allow or support the recycling bins and the project, painting the bins, getting materials, speaking with other students throughout the valley to cooperate or partner with us, clear coating the bins, and distributing the recycling bins throughout the valley. The non profits will be integrated as mentors and advisors to the project. The ERC is willing to give us input on how to improve the format, and the Sun Valley Center for the arts can help us with most aspects of the art. Our end goal is for more businesses to participate in recycling along with pedestrians recycling more frequently due to the aesthetic appeal of the art.

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