Exploring the Sagebrush Sea

Sponsored by:

Wood River Land Trust

Project Champion:

Chad Stoesz

What are the appropriate grade levels:

5th through 12th grade

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

4 classes

Is there an opportunity for community service:


Is this a new or existing project:

Existing Project


Our valley is surrounded by sagebrush – but what do you really know about it? The goal of Exploring the Sagebrush Sea is to give students a meaningful opportunity for community service while learning about one of the most prevalent plant communities in our valley – the sagebrush community. Come find out just how many other species depend on sage to survive!



  • Students will learn about the importance of the sagebrush plant community to our ecosystem.
  • Students will learn about the other plants and animals that live in the sagebrush community, and the difference between obligate and facultative species.
  • Students will learn the adaptations that allow sagebrush to thrive in our ecosystem.
  • Students will learn why scientists collect sagebrush seed.
  • Students will learn practical scientific field skills as they collect sagebrush seed.

Class Visits & Field Trips

  • 1 half-day field trip to Rock Creek Ranch outside Hailey (alternate location may be possible) to achieve the described goals and activities. Field trip date must occur at an appropriate time for seed collection in the Fall, and must be coordinated with Idaho Fish and Game.

Project Images

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