Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibit

Sponsored by:

The Community Library

Project Champion:

Jenny Emery-Davidson

What are the appropriate grade levels:

5th through 12th grade

Is there a limit to the number of participants:


Is there an opportunity for community service:



Water underlies life in the Wood River Valley in profound and sometimes surprising ways. As drought and population growth continue in many areas of the West, the pressure on scant water resources impact the economic, ecological, and societal fabric of western communities.


In conjunction with the Smithsonian Museum on Main Street exhibit “Water/Ways,” The Community Library aims to create a film loop of local individuals talking about how they think about water in our valley. Students would help to construct a list of 5 questions that explore how people think about and connect with water locally, and the students would then go out to the community to conduct and video-record interviews with a broad range of people, kids and adults both, from all walks of life. The students would help “curate” the recordings into a film loop that will run alongside the exhibit at the Sun Valley Museum of History and also through the Library website.

Project Images

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