Fireman Training

Sponsored by:

Hailey Fire Department

Project Champion:

Kristy Heitzman

What are the appropriate grade levels:

6th through 8th grade

Is there a limit to the number of participants:

Wood River Middle School only

Is there an opportunity for community service:



Fitreman Training customized for our students.


A scaled down training exercise for older students that can demonstrate some of the physical strains on a firefighter. We can allow for students to dress in firefighter apparel and run a series of obstacle courses. Speed and time are of the essence when HFD is dispatched to a call. We can run some timed drills to see what it is like to dress for a fire while being timed. HFD can provide a show and tell of some of the tools that all firefighters use and when those tools are needed ie. Wildland fire, Structure fire, car extrication etc.

Project Images

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